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How to Avoid ‘Mandatory’ Vaccinations Through Exemption | Vaccination is Your Legal Choice

Anthony Gucciardi
October 3, 2011

lawdictionary1 210x131 How to Avoid Mandatory Vaccinations Through Exemption | Vaccination is Your Legal ChoiceContrary to what state legislatures may lead you to believe, no one has the legal or moral authority to force you or your child into receiving a vaccine. While the State has the legal authority to fully establish the use of vaccines, to receive a vaccination treatment requires your voluntary and informed consent. Therefore, despite the tricky wording of school officials and mainstream public health workers, there are a number of ways in which you can exempt yourself from receiving the ‘required’ vaccinations as set by school districts and workplaces.

In 1905, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed states to pass laws ‘requiring’ citizens to receive certain vaccines. Today, all 50 states have passed vaccine laws that ‘require’ proof of vaccination in order to attend daycare, elementary, junior and high school and college. What is oftentimes kept from you is the fact that all 50 states have medical exemptions from this rule, 48 states have religious exemptions, and 18 states allow for a philosophical or conscientious belief exemption.

To see what your state vaccine law says and how to apply for the appropriate exemption, check out the State Law & Vaccine Requirements page at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

Vaccination and U.S. Law: A Brief Summary

Medical Exemptions: All 50 states allow medical exemption to vaccination. Medical exemptions to vaccination must be written by a medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) and are usually reviewed annually by school or state health officials.

Since 1986, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have eliminated most officially recognized medical reasons for withholding vaccination (contraindications) so that almost no medical condition qualifies for a medical exemption to vaccination.

In most states, school or state public health officials can question or even deny a medical exemption to vaccination written by a doctor if it does not strictly conform to CDC and AAP contraindication guidelines

Religious ExemptionsAll but two states (West Virginia and Mississippi) allow religious exemption to vaccination. These exemptions are worded differently in different states and require different forms of written documentation that must be submitted to state governments supporting a sincerely held religious belief opposing vaccination.

Some states require a notarized affidavit or letter from a spiritual advisor attesting to the sincerity of a person’s religious beliefs about vaccination. The religious exemption is under attack and, in some states like New York, parents are being grilled about the sincerity of their religious beliefs by state officials and denied religious exemptions to vaccination so their partially or completely unvaccinated children cannot attend public schools.

Conscientious Belief Exemptions: 18 states allow conscientious, personal or philosophical belief exemption to vaccination. These states come the closest to protecting a citizen’s right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to vaccination in America.

They are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin

Vaccine Exemptions for Military PersonnelAll branches of the U.S. Armed Services provide medical and religious exemptions to vaccination, but those exemptions must be first declared before enlistment in the military.

If a military recruit does not clearly state a medical or religious objection to vaccination BEFORE joining the military, he or she gives up the right to object to vaccination during active military service. Failure to obey an order to vaccinate while on active military duty can result in demotion, imprisonment and involuntary discharge from the military, including dishonorable discharge. After enlistment, legal assistance is often required to successfully object to vaccination without being subjected to sanctions.

Vaccine Exemptions for International Travel: Different countries have different laws requiring vaccines to enter or leave the country. Most developed countries, including those in Europe, currently do not require visitors to show proof of vaccination. However, some countries in Africa, Asia and elsewhere may require certain vaccines to enter or exit. Click here to check the CDC website on travel vaccine requirements.

Other Vaccine Exemption IssuesVaccine choices also can affect adoption, immigration, child custody arrangements during divorce proceedings, eligibility for health insurance and government entitlement programs, and medical care. Children adopted from foreign countries as well as in the U.S. may be required by US law and adoption agencies to receive certain government mandated vaccines.

Immigration laws also contain vaccine requirement provisions. In cases of divorce, one parent may attempt to gain full custody of a minor child by using the vaccine choice issue as leverage. Some families have been dropped from medical insurance plans or barred from eligibility for government funded medical care and food supplement programs if children are not given all government recommended vaccines.

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Secret vaccine industry ties and military involvement with Institute of Medicine

Secret vaccine industry ties and military involvement with Institute of Medicine

Mike Adams
August 29, 2011

The Institute of Medicine is suddenly in the news following the release of its vaccine “adverse events” research which found that MMR vaccines actually cause measles, seizures and anaphylactic shock. The old media predictably distorted the story and used it to deceptively announce that “vaccines are not linked to autism!”

In falsely reporting this study from the IoM, however, the old media reporters never bothered to even read the adverse reactions report. Nor did they ask a few simple questions such as “Who is funding the Institute of Medicine? And what is the agenda of the IoM?”

Today, NaturalNews publishes a stunning story about the IoM which reveals this government-created non-profit to be a key player in the military medical complex involving a shady network of weapons manufacturers, the Department of Homeland Security, top pharmaceutical companies and population control globalists such as Bill Gates. Here, we expose who’s giving the IoM money and why the actual sources of funding behind the IoM destroy any credibility it once claimed to have on the subject of public health.

We’ve already published the first honest assessment of the IoM’s report in a news item posted yesterday:…

That story takes an honest investigative look at the IoM and what its report really says. The old “dinosaur” media, as usual, has predictably twisted this story around and falsely claimed that it gives vaccines a clean bill of health. Only NaturalNews (and other alternative media organizations) dares tell the truth while questioning the IoM’s financial ties and funding sources. The entire mainstream media blindly accepts the IoM’s “authority” as beyond reproach, neglecting to conduct basic journalism and follow the money as NaturalNews is doing.

By the way, you can view the IoM’s full report for yourself at:…

Why does the truth about the Institute of Medicine really matter?

Because the IoM is positioned by the federal government as an independent, “prestigious” organization whose decisions are based on scientific facts. When the U.S. government rolls out its upcoming mandatory vaccination requirements, it will cite the Institute of Medicine as the source that said vaccines were safe (even though that’s a lie).

The FDA, for example, cites the Institute of Medicine is setting its own vaccine policies (…). The USDA also turns to the IoM for its recommendations on things like school lunch programs (…).

Even more to the point, President Obama’s recent demand that health insurance companies pay for birth control medication was based on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation (…). It was the IoM that put forth the guidelines to “require new health insurance plans to cover women’s preventive services” including “FDA-approved contraception methods and contraceptive counseling.”

Even the CDC commissioned the IoM to study the control of viral hepatitis infections, after which the CDC quickly advised that all infants should be injected with multiple hepatitis vaccines “…as soon as they are stable and washed.” In this same set of recommendations, the IoM advised that students who are not vaccinated against hepatitis B should not be allowed to attend school. (…)

The IoM, in other words, is the go-to organization for the setting of government health policy. Never mind the fact that the IoM is two-thirds funded by government itself and also takes money from the world’s top vaccine manufacturers. The conflicts of interest within the IoM are not merely notable, but severe conflicts of interest. They are so prominent, in fact, that no person in their right mind should believe a word the IoM says about vaccines, yet both the government and the mainstream media is positioning the IoM as (somehow) being a trustworthy independent non-profit that tells the truth about vaccines.

Even the Washington Legal Foundation (, a group that advocates free choice in health care (and personal freedom in general), charged that the FDA could not legally accept recommendations from the Institute of Medicine because the committee members put forth by the IoM did not meet the lawful requirement of being “fairly balanced.”

“Using advice from a committee that lacks fair balance encroaches upon Congress’ mandate that each Advisory Committee should be representative of a broad range of viewpoints and should include affected individuals,” said WLF Chief Counsel Richard Samp after filing WLF’s Citizen Petition. (…)

This is where the danger really lies. Everybody else in government listens to the IoM and usually adopts its recommendations as public health policy. And yet the IoM is actually run and financed by a complex network of globalists and vaccine promoters, as you’ll see below.

Because of the IoM’s unchallenged influence in setting public health policy, we are all being set up for a military-run mass vaccination campaign funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, and relying on vaccine-tracking information technology from companies like Northrup Grumman, a weapons manufacturer with a history of illegal international arms trafficking. (More details below.)

This is what vaccines have become in America today: A military agenda against the People. And the IoM sits at the hub of influence for this diabolical command center. This is all explained in more detail in the rest of this story, as well as in upcoming stories about the IoM slated for publication here on NaturalNews.

Please share this story far and wide so that your friends and colleagues can learn the truth about the IoM and where its money really comes from.

I wish to thank the NaturalNews Facebook fans who conducted much of this research to help us find the truth behind the Institute of Medicine (

The IoM’s secret ties to the military and weapons manufacturers

The Institute of Medicine was created by Congress in 1970. On its website, the IoM claims “we do not receive direct federal funding for our work,” which as you will soon see is a highly misleading statement, given that 64.9% of the IoM’s funds actually come from the federal government.

NaturalNews learned that the IoM is funded by the Who’s Who of the most evil corporations, non-profits and government organizations involved in things like secret medical experiments on humans, global population control agendas, the spread of degenerative disease, international arms trafficking and crimes against humanity (see list below).

The IoM is also blatantly deceptive about where its funding comes from. While its website claims it does not receive federal funding for its work, an investigation by Senator Coburn’s office reveals that 55% of the IOM’s funding comes from the government (…). This number varies year to year, of course, and we’ve found documentation showing this number to be as high as 64.9%.

It all begs the question: Why would the IoM try to hide the fact that it receives so much money from the federal government? We’ll get more into that later, but first, check out some of the government organizations from which the IoM receives its money:

Government departments that fund the IoM

• Department of Homeland Security

• Department of Defense

• Department of Health and Human Services

• EPA (in charge of allowing corporate pollution of our nation)

• USDA (the pro-Monsanto, pro-GMO sellout)

• Social Security Administration

In all, two-thirds of the IoMs money comes from government sources, several of which are military and “homeland security” related. What this reveals is that various government agencies function as “shell companies” to funnel money into the IoM. More than five percent of the IoM’s funding comes from the Department of Defense, and a further 3.6% comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

It makes you wonder: What does WAR have to do with medicine? Well, everything, as you’ll soon see. In 2008, the Department of Homeland Security requested that the IoM conduct a workshop entitled, “Medical Preparedness for a Nuclear Detonation in a Major U.S. City”. (…) The workshop “assessed the ability of emergency services, healthcare, and federal, state, and local authorities to respond to a nuclear weapon equivalent to 10 kilotons of TNT detonated during a workday in a central business district of a large U.S. metropolitan area.”

The IoM even managed to twist the terror attacks of 9/11 into its own pro-vaccine agenda, issuing a strongly worded press release on November 5, 2011 which declared, “[America’s] capacity to develop, produce, and store vaccines to deal with these agents is inadequate to meet the nation’s needs.” The IoM then recommended the creation of a “National Vaccine Authority” which would be used to spearhead the U.S. government getting into the vaccine manufacturing business in what the IoM calls a “the creation of a government-owned, contractor-operated national vaccine facility.” (i.e. the federal government actually manufacturing vaccines, mandating their use, outlawing lawsuits against vaccines and imprisoning those who refuse to take them). (…)

The IoM describes this “vaccine authority” as a group that “…could become a source of appropriate reliable information to the media health care personnel, policy-makers, and the public.” (i.e. a vaccine propaganda Ministry of Truth.)

Vaccinating all the children of the world

Immediately following this recommendation, the IoM published a document called “The Children’s Vaccine Initiative: Achieving the Vision” which it describes as “…an international endeavor to ensure that children throughout the world are immunized. One of the best opportunities to address the growing problem of immunization in the United States …lies in marshaling the vaccine development and production efforts in the United States and abroad.” (…)

In addition to receiving funds from the DOD and DHS, the IoM also allows its key reports to be reviewed by weapons manufacturers before they are published. Its recent report on vaccine adverse reactions, for example, was reviewed by Sam Shekar from the military defense contractor Northrop Grumman, a weapons manufacturer and military technology engineering company that has been caught engaging in illegal international arms trafficking by the U.S. State Department. A subsidiary of Northrup Grumman “provided portions of the computer source code of Air Force One to a Russian company in 1998,” reports Wikipedia (…).

Northrup Grumman also illegally sold computer guidance systems to Angola, Indonesia, Israel, China, Ukraine and Yemen.

On the health front, Northrup Grumman was awarded a key role in a $5 billion grant from the CDC to run a “public health” information technology program. (…)

What’s a public health information technology program? It is a cybersecurity technology system used to track people who have been vaccinated while monitoring the spread of infectious disease (which the IoM admits is caused by the vaccines themselves). Remember: Most people who are diagnosed with infectious disease are the very same people who were vaccinated against those diseases! (…)

We suspect this technology will likely be used to track and enforce an upcoming militarized mandatory vaccine agenda in much the same way that IBM sold its technology to the Nazi regime in World War II to track Jewish prisoners as they were hauled off to concentration camps. (…)

In this, we have a blurring of the lines between military and medicine. The theme that emerges from all this is that conventional medicine is being militarized, and the signs of that are all around us (see more, below). For example, the FDA has stepped up its armed raids on innocent dairy farmers, using “shock troop” tactics while borrowing techniques from the KGB to build a network of spies and infiltrators (…).

That an international arms trafficker is now being given grant money by the CDC to engineer and run a “CDC global health mission” is a direct admission of the globalist agenda behind these criminal organizations. The Northrup Grumman press release on this admits that the contract work with the CDC will be conducted in “50 countries around the world” involving “20 business and university partners.”

Private sources of money for the Institute of Medicine

While 64.9% of its funding comes from the federal government, 32.7% comes from private sources. See page 55 of the following report to see for yourself:…

That funding chart does not break down private sources of money for the IoM, so once again, NaturalNews turned to its researchers on Facebook ( to find out where all this money is actually coming from. The answers may surprise you.

For starters, the IoM receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is, of course, a total front for vaccines and Big Pharma. This alone completely biases the IoM, as having financial ties with this foundation is really like being caught with your hand in the vaccine cookie jar.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for those who don’t know, recently declared this to be the “decade of vaccines” (…) and pledged ten billion dollars to make sure that every man, woman and child on the planet is injected with at least one vaccine shot, and preferably several.

And what’s the real agenda behind this? Bill Gates has publicly stated that vaccines will be used to reduce the global population. Specifically, he says, “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (…)

Watch the video of Bill Gates saying this at:…

By accepting money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Institute of Medicine is taking part in a campaign of human genocide while exposing its own pro-vaccine interests.

Bill Gates is also listed as a “lifetime contributor” to the IoM, giving “$100,000 or more” to the IOM. Other contributors who gave big money to the IoM include Margaret Hamburg, the current head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the same agency currently masterminding KGB-style infiltration schemes and running an illegal network of government spies to destroy the raw dairy industry (…).

In addition, globalist Ted Turner is listed as a major contributor. See the rest of the names of those who give money to the IoM at the end of this article — it’s a who’s who of globalists, financial elitists, pharma executives and vaccine pushers, including people with links to the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers and more.

Junk food promoters found funding the Institute of Medicine

Beyond taking money from the genocidal Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the IoM is also funded at times from junk food and soda companies such as PepsiCo (…)

Even more interestingly, a prominent board member of PepsiCo is also a member of the Institute of Medicine: Victor J. Dzau, a conventional medical doctor, has made the rounds through Harvard Medical School and Duke University. Now he’s a top PepsiCo board member while simultaneously serving as a director of these three pharmaceutical and medical device companies: Genzyme Corporation, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Medtronic, Inc. (…) and (…)

Ring any bells? Medtronic is the company that was recently caught bribing a doctor to fabricate study results (…). The company was also caught up in allegations of Medicare fraud (…) and was sued by 22 states, which said Medtronic “unlawfully and unabashedly developed, marketed and promoted its biliary stent medical devices for uses unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration.” (…)

Genzyme Corporation, on which Victor Dzau also sits as a board member, is a fully owned subsidiary of Sanofi-Aventis (, one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers and the company that recently received hundreds of millions of dollars in government vaccine contracts for the hyped up H5N1 swine flu scare. Sanofi-Aventis admittedly received $192.5 million from the U.S. government just in the second quarter of 2008 to produce vaccines for a “pandemic stockpile” against H5N1 (…).

Genzyme produces medicines to treat kidney disease, one of the most common side effects of flu vaccines. (…) In this way, the more vaccines that are injected into people, the more kidney disease drugs can be sold by companies such as Genzyme.

And yet Genzyme has questionable health practices itself! In June, 2009, Genzyme’s U.S. manufacturing plant was shut down due to the discovery that it suffered from a “viral contamination.” In November of 2009, “fragments of stainless steel, rubber, and fiber-like material were discovered in some of Genzyme’s drugs,” after which the FDA said all those drugs should stay on the market because there was no evidence of any side effects from those materials. (…)

Not surprisingly, Victor Dzau was named a “Distinguished Scientist” by the American Heart Association and was the recipient of the 2004 Max Delbruck Medal, Berlin, Germany. Max Delbruck, by the way, was a German biophysicist who promoted the idea that living systems (including humans) are nothing more than biochemical robots, and his work on molecular genetics was, in many ways, ground-laying work for modern-day genetic engineering (GMOs).

Other board members of PepsiCo, in case you were curious, read like a who’s who of the most powerful (and some say “evil”) corporate giants in the world: JP Morgan, Colgate-Palmolive, Google, Novartis AG and more.

Beyond PepsiCo, the IoM also receives money from these producers of processed dead foods, fast foods and foods made with (collectively) hundreds of different synthetic chemicals and preservatives:

• Kraft Foods, Inc.

• Mars Incorporated

• McDonald’s Corporation

• Mead Johnson Nutritionals

The IoM’s ties to Big Pharma

In addition to its ties with junk food companies, the IoM receives millions of dollars in grant money from pharmaceutical companies, using that money to create new staff positions which claim to be “providing the nation with sound advice grounded in scientific evidence, to improve people’s health and well-being.” For example, the IoM received this $2 million grant from a pharmaceutical company (Schaeffer):…

Schaeffer is a total pharma insider, according to Forbes Magazine, which lists him as the director of pharma giant Allergan, Inc:…

Allergan is most famous for producing BOTOX, a cosmetic treatment made from a deadly viral strain best known for killing people through food poisoning.

In addition, the IoM has financial ties to Merck, Pfizer, Astrazeneca and nearly all the top pharmaceutical companies, most of which also profit from producing and selling vaccines:

• AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals L.P.

• Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

• Eli Lilly and Company

• GlaxoSmithKline

• Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC

• Merck & Company, Inc.

• Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

• Pfizer, Inc.

• Sanofi Pasteur

• Sanofi-aventis

• Wyeth

In addition to promoting pharmaceutical interests, the IoM has also pushed its agenda of regulating dietary supplements as if they were drugs, thereby hoping to outlaw virtually all supplements sold on the market today (…).

IoM’s huge conflicts of interest with vaccine producers

Notably, the pharmaceutical companies listed above represent the top vaccine producers on the planet, once again showing that the IoM has severe conflicts of interest in producing a report on vaccine adverse reactions.

This is like the fox guarding the hen house! If the IoM told the truth about the dangers of vaccines, it would risk losing a significant portion of its funding and discrediting many of its most prominent financial supporters. (It makes you wonder: Why didn’t Forbes raise this question? Or the NY Times? Or Washington Post? Or any mainstream media organization? Why is real journalism dead in America today everywhere except in the alternative media like NaturalNews, which is fast becoming the most popular choice for discerning readers?)

In addition, vaccines cause the very health conditions which are profitably treated by the pharmaceutical products of these companies. Thus, today’s entire medical racket of treating sickness and “managing disease” requires that disease to be propagated in the first place. Vaccines play a key role in causing immunological disorders, compromising the nervous system, damaging kidneys, promoting cancer and causing the very diseases that keep Big Pharma in business.

If you’re skeptical of that, watch this stunning, jaw-dropping video admission of much of this from a top Merck scientist, the “father” of many modern vaccines, who openly admits that vaccines contain hidden cancer viruses:…

The IoM’s ties to foundations and globalist groups

The IoM also receives funding from other institutions (such as NIH) which are funded by government — and they largely operate as pharma front groups to push more vaccines, more pharmaceuticals and more medications for Americas; often while downplaying any role of nutrients such as vitamin D.

Here’s a list of some of the non-profit groups that donate money to the IoM. Note the presence of all the corporatists and globalists:

• W. K. Kellogg Foundation (tied to the Kellogg’s cereal company)

• The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

• The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

• Merck Company Foundation

• The Rowe Family Foundation

• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

• The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

• The Whitehead Foundation (ties to Goldman Sachs, and John C. Whitehead was a former board member of the Federal Reserve. He also oversaw the Whitehead family’s fortune of investments in the Rockefeller Group.)

IoM’s ties to globalist food and agriculture companies

The food and agriculture companies that give money to the IoM represent some of the most evil corporations in the world, including Monsanto which seeks to dominate the world food supply through its GMO seed technologies.

Here are some of the food and agriculture companies that financially support the IoM:

• Cargill, Inc.- sold ground turkey widely contaminated with salmonella, which resulted in fatalities (…)

• ConAgra, Inc.- sued for falsely labeling GMO oils as “natural” (…)

• General Mills, Inc. – engaged in deceptive food labeling (…)

• McDonald’s Corporation – sells Chicken McNuggets that contain an industrial chemical (…)

• Monsanto Company – voted “most evil corporation” by NaturalNews readers (…)

• PepsiCo, Inc. – produces aspartame-laden diet soft drinks also made with high-fructose corn syrup. Uses MSG throughout many of its snacks.

As you can see, these companies aggregately support factory farmed animal meat production, dishonest and deceptive food labeling, “terminator” seed technology that destroys seeds and is contributing to the global spread of suicides by farmers, the promotion of obesity and diabetes through the use of high-fructose corn syrup, the neurotoxic poisoning of consumers through aspartame-sweetened beverages, monopolistic trade practices, abuses of the court system and much more.

If Hell had a board of directors, many of these corporations would have members sitting on it. And these are the members who financially support the Institute of Medicine.

Interestingly, the IoM also has financial ties to several health insurance companies who profit from sickness, disease and vaccines, including Aetna Inc. and Kaiser Permanente.

The IoM’s financial ties to the sickness and disease industry

Not surprisingly, the IoM is funded by a large number of influential (and wealthy) organizations in the cancer industry, the diabetes industry, and the sickness industry in general.

Here are some of the national groups — all of which profit from disease — that funnel money to the Institute of Medicine:

• American Association for Cancer Research

• American Cancer Society, Inc.

• American Chemistry Council

• American Diabetes Association

• American Hospital Association

• American Medical Association

• American Nurses Association

• American Society of Clinical Oncology

• Association of American Medical Colleges

• College of American Pathologists

• Critical Path Institute

• Infectious Diseases Society of America

• National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation

• National Society of Genetic Counselors

• Oncology Nursing Society

• Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

• Task Force for Child Survival and Development

As you can probably tell, nearly all of these organizations are pro-chemical, pro-chemotherapy, pro-vaccine, anti-nutrition, anti-health freedom organizations that function as disease parasites on society, profiting from sickness rather than showing people how to be healthy. None of these organizations, for example, has yet to firmly promote vitamin D as a simple, low-cost, nearly-miraculous nutrient that can prevent cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, gum disease, kidney disorders and many other health conditions.

They are all steeped in the false mythology of western medicine and its drugs-pushing, profit-seeking agenda which includes the mass vaccination of the population.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

IoM is headed by pro-vaccine globalists with ties to WHO, CDC

After learning who funds the IoM, you might still be wondering: Who runs the Institute of Medicine?

The IoM is currently headed by Dr. Harvey Fineberg, a globalist with ties to the World Health Organization, which of course heavily pushed its H5N1 swine flu vaccination charade through a “panel of experts” who were taking money from the pharmaceutical companies to declare a global pandemic when there wasn’t one. The whole purpose of this conspiracy involving the WHO and the CDC was to sell more vaccines. (…)

Dr. Fineberg also has ties to the CDC, the other group pushing vaccines and killing children through its incessant infectious disease mongering. The CDC’s own vaccine research scientist, Poul Thorsen, has been indicted under federal law for alleged money laundering (…). See the Web of Alleged Fraud involving the CDC, Merck, Thorsen and medical journals at:…

In 1988, Dr. Fineberg received the Joseph W. Mountin Prize from the CDC. Fineberg is, predictably, a Harvard graduate where he earned a conventional medical degree from Harvard Medical School plus a Ph.D. in government from a Harvard graduate school. (…) Harvard is a source for many of the most despicable medical globalists who promote things like GMOs, vaccines and even chemotherapy for children.

Fineberg also served as the president of the Society for Medical Decision Making, a Big Pharma front group that promotes the use of vaccines and pharmaceuticals while claiming to follow a “scientific” decision process. This group receives money from the PhRMA Foundation, a total Big Pharma money funneling outfit that uses its grant money to influence the work of other organizations. It is funded by Merck, Eli Lilly, Bayer, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and all the big pharmaceutical players.

Dr. Fineberg is a pro-vaccine globalist who even describes the 1976 swine flu vaccination fiasco which killed hundreds of Americans and damaged thousands from vaccine side effects a “qualified success” because it resulted in 40 million Americans being vaccinated. The way these vaccine pushers think, the more people get vaccinated, the better… no matter how many people die in the process. They literally do not seem to mind sacrificing the lives of innocent people as long as more vaccines can be injected into the masses.

To this day, the IoM still will not openly admit that the 1976 swine flu vaccines killed anyone at all. In fact, the IoM was instrumental in laying out the false fairy tale that swine flu vaccines were never responsible for Guillain-Barre syndrome. As the totally discredited government website Flu.Gov explains:

“The Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a thorough scientific review in 2003 and concluded that people who received the 1976 swine influenza vaccine had a slight increased risk for developing GBS. Scientists have multiple theories on why this increased risk may have occurred, but the exact reason for this association remains unknown.” (

In other words, they swept it under the rug and now pretend such a link doesn’t exist.

A total Big Pharma cesspool of money, influence and quackery

Essentially, what we’re looking at here with Institute of Medicine, its director, its funding sources and its laughably unscientific conclusions is an orgy of Big Pharma money and influence peddling masquerading as scientifically-grounded public health.

When the IoM recently issued its report on vaccine adverse effects, what it was essentially doing was running interference for all its financial supporters which are, of course dominated by vaccine manufacturers and dubious government organizations such as the Dept. of Health and Human Services which oversees the criminal U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The point of all this is to spread the fabricated story that “vaccines are essentially safe” and thus there is no harm in mandating that the entire population be injected with them.

That’s what’s coming soon, you see: A mandatory vaccination policy which will no doubt cite this IoM report as being a “credible” and “scientific” review of all the evidence concerning vaccines. Such a claim would be, of course, completely laughable if it weren’t dealing with life and death issues.

Countless children are killed every year by vaccines, and many more become autistic after their nervous systems collapse in the hours or days following vaccine injections. And yet what’s clear from all the attacks, the lies, the cover-ups and the total criminal corruption from the medical industry that we’ve seen over the past couple of years is that the medical military establishment is desperately trying to destroy or dismiss all the evidence linking vaccines to autism.

This IoM report is essentially the work of vaccine industry cover-up con artists and quacks who are protecting their financial sponsors: the vaccine manufacturers.

Is anyone really surprised?

List of other big-money contributors to the IOM

Who else supports the Institute of Medicine? Here are some of the biggest individual contributors. NaturalNews has not yet had the time to research the backgrounds and globalist ties of these individuals. If you recognize any of these names as being involved in the vaccine industry, the banking industry or the military industrial complex, please let us know so we can update this article:

2010 natural news summary

NaturalNews) With 2010 officially over, here’s a look at the trends and top stories of the year in the world of natural health and health freedom.

Throughout 2010, we learned about all sorts of interesting chemicals being used in the conventional food supply. We learned that window cleaning chemicals are injected into fast food hamburger meat (…), and we learned that soy protein is extracted using a highly explosive chemical called hexane (…).

Water fluoridation surfaced as a big issue of 2010, and NaturalNews published an article describing the criminality of fluoridation (…).

The American Chemistry Council, predictably, insisted that BPA was safe for everyone (…), even as new evidence emerged that BPA was actually quite dangerous and might promote cancer. Food packaging companies scrambled to release BPA-free products, but the chemical is still found throughout canned soups and many other products.

In travel news, a Carnival Cruise Lines ship was stranded in November due to an engine fire. Left with no food, bathrooms, water or electricity, the cruise passengers were rescued by the U.S. Navy who brought — get this — Spam and Pop-Tarts! (…)

The truth comes out

The AIDS / HIV documentary House of Numbers came out in 2010, rocking the AIDS industry with intelligent questions that blew holes in conventional AIDS mythology (…).

Vitamin D was huge news in 2010 as a steady stream of new evidence emerged, showing how vitamin D can prevent breast cancer (…) and other degenerative diseases. In 2010, the world came to realize that vitamin D deficiency is now at pandemic proportions (…).

We also learned more about the dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup and how it promotes diabetes (…). The news about HFCS got so bad that the corn syrup industry announced it was changing the name of the ingredient to “corn sugar” in an effort to fool consumers.

There was some good news on the health freedom front in 2010, as the FDA was defeated in the courts over its attempted censorship of a nutritional supplement (…).

On the intellectual property side of things, the US Patent Office actually took steps to invalidate corporate patents on human genes (…). This isn’t a done deal yet, but it’s a hopeful step in the right direction toward ending ridiculous gene patents.

In the “weird news” category, we learned about the giant spinning hexagon on the planet Saturn, as photographed by NASA spacecraft (…).

The supply of Rare Earth Elements began to be in trouble in 2010 as we learned that many of the key components in electronics and solar panels are actually derived from filthy mines in China where many of these metals are about to be in critically short supply (…).

On the superfood news side, 2010 saw the introduction of the Boku Super Food Bar (…), which is the first superfood bar created by the People (using survey results from NaturalNews readers).

Keeping tabs on the cattle

The TSA took center stage in 2010 for reaching down our pants and making us walk through radiation-emitting microwave body scanners. Esteemed scientists warned that the devices could promote cancer and sperm mutations (…). In response to the TSA’s outrageous behavior against a now-famous guy who refused to be molested, I released a song called Don’t Touch My Junk which went super-viral across the ‘net (…).

The psychology of TSA agents was compared to Nazi war criminals (…).

Sheriffs, meanwhile, announced they wanted a national database of prescription drug users (…) so they could track people who buy (and presumably sell) too many medications.

Big Sis Janet Napolitano announced that Wal-Mart customers should all spy on each other and report anything “suspicious.” (…) We launched a suspicious looking Wal-Mart video in response, featuring all the bizarre photos of the “People of Wal-Mart.” (…)


Autism rates continued to climb in 2010, even as mainstream medical authorities insist it isn’t caused by anything. Especially not vaccines. (…)

Speaking of vaccines, in 2010 we learned that vaccines are causing convulsions and seizures in children (…). One of the first batches made available in the year caused seizures in children (…). At one point in the year, the FDA admitted that vaccines had been contaminated with a pig virus, but announced they were still safe (…). Walgreens announced its flu shot gift card (…) and began running nationwide propaganda campaigns to promote flu shots which, by the way, automatically contained the swine flu vaccine from last year, too.

Not too long after Walgreens issues its flu shot gift card, Australia banned flu vaccines in children (for that batch, anyway) after they were found to cause vomiting, fevers and seizures, sending numerous children to the hospital (…). Finland soon banned H1N1 vaccines after finding they caused narcolepsy (…). Right after this, I released my Vaccine Zombie song (…) which actually didn’t do too well, as it was released during the vaccination off season when people weren’t paying that much attention to vaccines yet in North America.

In September, we published a story demolishing the quack science behind flu vaccines (…). The vaccine industry was having a lousy Fall season in 2010, so they tried everything ramp up vaccinations, including opening booths in airports, grocery stores and even offering free vaccine shots at strip clubs! (…)

The Lancet retracted Dr Wakefield’s famous paper linking vaccines to autism, thereby rewriting medical history in much the same way as the lead character in George Orwell’s 1984 book, where history was always reconstructed to match the political illusions of the current power holders. (…)

To expose the fraud of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine scheme, I offered a $10,000 reward for proof that the vaccine was safe and effective (…), but no one took me up on the offer, of course, since such evidence does not exist. (That’s because they never adequately test these vaccines before they start injecting people.)

Ultimately, it turned out that vitamin D worked far better at preventing flu infections than vaccines anyway (…).

There was a lot of money floating around in the vaccine industry, of course, especially as we learned that World Health Organization advisors were on the take, receiving kickbacks from vaccine manufacturers (…). In July, Dr Gary Null published a powerful story exposing the quackery and lies of the vaccine industry (…).


One of the more fascinating bits of news from 2010 was the revelation that pharmacists are getting cancer from handling chemotherapy drugs! (…) Yet they still sell them to others. Interesting, huh?

As part of the chemotherapy push, the LA Times published a story that actually recommended what can only be the most moronic health advice of the year: “Preventive chemotherapy” for those who don’t yet have cancer. (…)

Chemotherapy was the drug of choice for Michael Douglas, of course (…). He decided to use it to “treat” his cancer, following in the footsteps of Farrah Fawcett who died from chemotherapy last year. Celebrities just can’t seem to get enough of chemo, and sadly we have to keep reporting on their deaths each year. Former lead singer of the band LFO, Rich Cronin, also passed away from chemo this year (…).


The Institute of Medicine released new recommendation on vitamin D. It turns out they were designed to keep everybody vitamin D deficient while warning people not to take too much (…).

Continuing with nutritional disinfo, a nutrition professor claims he lost weight eating Twinkies (…) but the media stories neglected to mention you can lose weight on chemotherapy, too.

Sesame Street played a big role in the disinfo efforts of the year, introducing new “superfood” muppets. One of them is a block of cheese, and another is a hamburger bun. (…)

On the psychiatric stage, 2010 saw the industry label healthy eating a “mental disorder” that they dubbed orthorexia nervosa (…). That’s on top of the similarly concocted Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) which is diagnosed in anyone who questions authority or refuses to get vaccinated.

As part of the Big Pharma push, doctors began urging fast food restaurants to hand out statin drugs like ketchup packets (…). We posted a video documenting this news, and it received over a quarter million views:…

We also exposed the top health care lies still driving conventional medicine (…), and we revealed the ridiculous pinkwashing fraud with Komen’s promotion of Kentucky Fried Chicken (…).

The Food Safety debate was a big deal during the end of 2010 (…). The bill ultimately passed. It contains language that asks to FDA to “harmonize” the U.S. food supply with Codex Alimentarius (…). Is also has the FDA setting up food safety enforcement offices in foreign nations.

Big Pharma fraud

Dr. Scott Reuben, an esteemed Big Pharma researcher, was caught faking dozens of studies upon which the medical industry relied to push popular prescription drugs (…). To this day, Dr Reuben’s research is still quoted in books and medical journals, even though we now know he simply invented all the clinical trial data.

But Dr Reuben wasn’t the end of the pharmaceutical fraud news in 2010. We also learned that virtually all placebo-controlled trials throughout the industry were fraudulent to begin with because there are zero standards for the composition of the placebo pills, and what they’re made of is almost never reported in clinical trials (…).

We also got news that a doctor recognized by the AMA, published in medical journals and tapped to teach Continuing Medical Education credits was a total fraud, having fooled the medical system for 20 years (…).

Johnson & Johnson took center stage throughout 2010 with a seeming never-ending stream of product recalls due to all sorts of chemicals and even metal fragments being found in their medicines. They were also caught in a drug profit kickback scheme and were sued by the Justice Department (…).

Famous people

In 2010, we interviewed Jesse Ventura (…), Daniel Vitalis (…), Suzy Cohen (…), David Wolfe (…) and many other well-known people.

Former President Bill Clinton announced he was following the “Heart Attack Proof” diet based on juicing and plant-based foods (…).

Saving the planet from modern “science”

Of course, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a significant story in 2010 (…), and in terms of the pollution of waterways, Big Pharma also emerged in 2010 as a major global polluter (…).

The GMO stories of 2010 were simply amazing. We learned that the USA was pressuring European countries to stop any GMO labeling of foods (…), and then later we learned through Wikileaks cables that the United States actually conspired with GMO corporations to push GMOs across Europe while creating a “retaliatory target list” of any who opposed it (…).

We also learned that the FDA looked eager to approve GMO salmon (…), but thankfully this decision was slowed by tremendous public outcry.

I launched my “Just Say No to GMO” song in October as part of the GMO Awareness Month activities (…). The song went super-viral and eventually racked up more than half a million views spanning four languages. Jeffrey Smith from the IRT continues to kick butt exposing the truth about GMOs. In a successful fundraising effort, NaturalNews and its readers raised over $30,000 to help fund the IRT (…).

The world food supply took major hits during 2010 as freakish weather events caused droughts, floods and freezes that drastically reduced food supply in key areas (…).

Censorship and Big Government

2010 was a big year of censorship. YouTube censored our interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs (…) and then later turned the video back on. Alex Jones saw his site removed from the Google News search engine, and YouTube also announced it would drop his entire video channel.

The FTC took part in the censorship, too, going after the POM Wonderful company for telling the truth about the health benefits of its pomegranate juice products (…).

The Department of Homeland Security began seizing websites in 2010 (…), claiming (illegal) authority over them. Thanks to Wikileaks, the push is now on for government to try to control the internet.
The raw milk wars were a big news item in 2010, as the FDA and state authorities took aggressive action to criminalize and arrest raw milk producers (…). Criminal elements of the law enforcement community conducted an armed raid on a raw food co-op in California (…) called Rawesome Foods. Their crime? They were selling raw milk.

Partly to protect our own video freedom from censorship, we launched NaturalNews.TV which has now grown to the largest natural health video site in the world, with over 10,000 members now uploading videos (and growing daily). Soon popular video stars such as AZ Mike (…) and Magnus Mulliner (…) emerged on the site.

Evil experiments

We saw Bill Gates emerge as a global population control zealot, even funding new technology to destroy sperm (…) and another project to vaccinate people without their knowledge, using covert technology (…). Later in the year, Gates was actually caught on video calling for a reduction in world population through the use of vaccines (…).

Meanwhile, the United States was caught red-handed in conducting medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners (…). Obama actually had to pick up the phone and apologize for this embarrassing bit of history that shows how governments always use innocents as guinea pigs to test their drugs.

What a year, huh?

In addition to everything mentioned above, 2010 also saw the release of a huge number of studies supporting the healing use of herbs and natural remedies.

Still, 2010 was mostly a year of expanded censorship, attacks on health freedom and expansions of government tyranny.

Fortunately for us all, 2011 – 2012 look to be far more positive in terms of people waking up and contributing to global changes in consciousness that will ultimately end this era of censorship and ignorance (see my upcoming article on 2011 predictions for details).

big pharma drugs are making you a druggie


Americans drowning in prescription drugs

Saturday, September 04, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles…)

NaturalNews) Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis according to a CDC report that was just released (1). Nearly a third of Americans use two or more drugs, and more than one in ten use five or more prescription drugs regularly.

The report also revealed that one in five children are being regularly given prescription drugs, and nine out of ten seniors are on drugs.

All these drugs came at a cost of over $234 billion in 2008. The most commonly-used drugs were:

• Statin drugs for older people
• Asthma drugs for children
• Antidepressants for middle-aged people
• Amphetamine stimulants for children

America has become a nation of druggies. The seniors are being drugged for nearly every symptom a doctor can find, children are being doped up with (legalized) speed, and middle-aged soccer moms are popping suicide pills (antidepressants).

Prescription drug addictions are on the rise, too. Prescription drugs are so dangerous that now even the DEA is hosting “take back your pills” day allowing citizens to anonymously surrender their unused prescription painkillers to DEA agents. (http://www.herald…)

Interestingly, DEA agents will only accept “legal” amphetamine drugs such as Ritalin but not “illegal” methamphetamine drugs. You’re only off the hook if you paid monopoly prescription prices for your drugs.

And it’s only going to get worse

The percentage of Americans taking prescription drugs is expected to rise even further as the health reform insurance regulations kick in. Much of the bill was specifically designed to favor pharmaceutical industry interests by putting even more people on medication. Expect to see more “screening” too — a thinly disguised drug recruitment method that primarily seeks to ensnare new patients in a high-profit drug regimen.

The mass medication of American citizens has reached a disturbing tipping point where the future of the nation itself is at risk. That’s because pharmaceuticals cause cognitive decline, and once you get to the point where over 50 percent of the voters can’t think straight, you’re trapped in a crumbling Democracy.

And that doesn’t even take into consideration the financial cost of America’s addiction to drugs: With nearly one out of every five dollars out of the entire U.S. economy now being spent on sickness and disease, America finds herself stuck in a cycle of high-cost drug treatments that cure no one.

That’s right: No one gets healthier from taking prescription drugs. They don’t cure anyone and they don’t prevent disease. They only maintain patients in a kind of “pre-death stasis” where they’re alive just enough to keep buying more medication. Drug companies don’t want you dead because that would cut off their profits. But they don’t want you healthy, either, because then they wouldn’t have you as a customer. So their drugs are actually designed to keep you in a state of ongoing disease without curing your condition but also without killing you outright.

You sort of chemically limp along, shelling out dollars while your memory fades and your skin starts to show signs of severe toxicity. Big Pharma is not merely sapping the life out of you; it’s also draining you financially.

Isn’t it obvious that pharmaceuticals don’t work?

If pharmaceuticals really worked to make people healthy, then the half of America currently taking pharmaceuticals would be the healthiest half, and the people who don’t take pharmaceuticals would be unhealthy, right?

But in fact it’s the other way around: People who take pharmaceuticals remain unhealthy and really never get cured of anything. Meanwhile, those who avoid taking pharmaceuticals are, by and large, far healthier individuals.

If America were running a grand experiment to determine whether pharmaceuticals really work — and trust me, the country really is running precisely that experiment — any reasonable observer would have to conclude that pharmaceuticals really don’t improve the health of those who take them. The more pharmaceuticals you take, in fact, the sicker you will become. That’s because drugs cause an imbalance in the body that soon leads to the emergence of other side effects.

At the same time, many of the drugs people take actually cause the very things they claim to prevent. Osteoporosis drugs cause hip fractures. Cancer drugs cause cancer. Antidepressants cause suicidal thoughts. The list goes on and on.

The people who are really, truly healthy in America are those who avoid pharmaceuticals. (…) They take care of their own health through regular exercise, time in nature, sensible sunshine exposure and healthy eating. They distrust the pharmaceutical industry and they don’t let television advertising hypnotize them into making poor decisions like getting a flu shot (…).

Yet even though it is blatantly obvious that pharmaceuticals really don’t work to improve the health of any population, the drug industry insists the only thing wrong with America’s health is that not enough people are taking medication!

If we could only get 100% of the population on drugs instead of 50%, they seem to be saying, then we’d all be healthy!

The logic is absurd, of course. And that goal has nothing to do with actual health but everything to do with increasing drug company profits. While drug companies may not know much at all about health, they do know one thing: How to commit marketing fraud by making outrageous benefit claims for their drugs while whitewashing the very real dangerous side effects.

Big Pharma will bankrupt America

Mark my words: Big Pharma will bankrupt America. And quite possibly the UK as well. Any nation that hands over its health care system to the drug industry is committing financial suicide.

That’s because Big Pharma absolutely will not halt its single-minded mission to extract as much money as possible from the population, corporations and governments. It will do anything and everything it can to accomplish this goal: Bribe researchers to commit research fraud, engage in false and fraudulent marketing, lie to the public, hide negative study results, conduct experiments on children in third-world countries, pollute the planet with drug factory runoff, influence legislators with campaign finance contributions, dominate the pages of medical journals with false and misleading advertising, submit “scientific” articles to the journals ghost-written by the drug companies themselves… this list never ends.

Drug companies will knowingly keep dangerous drugs on the market that kill tens of thousands of people. They will knowingly withhold research from the FDA if it might make their drugs look bad. They will knowingly distort clinical trial data to eliminate whatever outcome they don’t want to see.

This is all “routine” in the drug industry. These aren’t exceptions, mind you: They are the way the drug industry operates on a daily basis.

The worst part of it is that Big Government is now fully in bed with Big Pharma. I already exposed Sen Harry Reid’s efforts to swing a sweet deal for Big Pharma in the recent health care reforms (…). The FDA’s collusion with drug companies, meanwhile, is legendary: There is hardly a decision made by the FDA that doesn’t in some way protect drug company profits.

The med schools and science journals have been overrun by drug company influence. Drug companies are so large and powerful now that the U.S. government considers them “too big to nail.” When Pfizer was recently found guilty of felony crimes, the government allowed it to create a shell company to take the hit so that Pfizer itself could remain in business and keep selling drugs to the government. (…)

A federal prosecutor actually went on the record saying, “If we prosecute Pfizer… a lot of people who work for the company who haven’t engaged in criminal activity would get hurt.”

Therefore, the logic goes, they have to let Pfizer off the hook.

And so it goes; Big Government protecting the criminals in the drug industry, making excuses for looking the other way when scientific fraud and marketing fraud is routinely being carried out right under their noses. The Dept of Justice isn’t even interested in taking down criminal drug companies!

How this will end

So where does this medication madness ever end? It will end, I predict, with the economic downfall of the United States of America. When the nation is too broke, too medicated and too chemically compromised to stay afloat, it will suffer an enormous economic collapse.

Following the financial failure of big government, Big Pharma will implode virtually overnight. Without the government buying its products, Big Pharma will find few willing private customers. Ordinary people will seek out affordable and safer natural remedies, and the drug industry will collapse to perhaps 10% of its current size.

This will be a great day for the health of all Americans who have suffered under the chemical assault of Big Pharma. To live without the daily onslaught of Big Pharma’s chemicals is to live a healthier life with improved brain function and awareness. Once people get off all their drugs, we might have hope to thoughtfully rebuild a nation based on nutrition rather than monopoly-priced medications.

I’ve said this at least a hundred times, and I’ll say it again: No nation that ignores the nutritional health of its citizens has any real future. A successful long-term society MUST, at its core, invest in real nutrition and the holistic health education of its citizens. Without good nutrition, every society is ultimately doomed to fail.

Modern medicine, in other words, is destroying our country. And the “cure” for this disease is to throw out what doesn’t work (pharmaceuticals) and start embracing the things that do work (nutrition and superfoods) to keep people healthy.

Additional sources:

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Pharmaceutical drug contamination of waterways threatens life on our planet

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Mike Adams
July 29, 2010

The President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) recently released its yearly report to the President outlining the status of cancer in America. This year’s report focuses primarily on environmental factors that contribute to cancer risk. According to the report, pharmaceutical drugs are a serious environmental pollutant, particularly in the way they continue to contaminate waterways across the country (and the world).


Many reports have recently appeared about pharmaceutical contamination of water supplies, rivers, lakes and other waterways, but spokespersons from the drug and chemical industries have denied that this pollution poses any risk whatsoever to the environment. But this report, issued directly from PCP, provides a stunning indictment of the dangers associated with pharmaceutical pollution.

The executive summary of the PCP report includes the following statements:

“[P]harmaceuticals have become a considerable source of environmental contamination. Drugs of all types enter the water supply when they are excreted or improperly disposed of; the health impact of long-term exposure to varying mixtures of these compounds is unknown.”

It’s important to note that PCP is required by law to assess the National Cancer Program and offer a truthful evaluation of the various things it finds to be responsible for causing cancer. The panel is a division of the National Cancer Institute itself, so its findings hold fairly considerable weight in the scientific world (or they should, if the reaction wasn’t so politicized).

The report itself is quite extensive, evaluating everything from the environmental and health impacts of drug and pesticide pollution to cell phone radiation and nuclear testing residue. But the section on pharmaceutical drugs is especially interesting when considering the fact that numerous reports have shown that drugs and drug residue that ends up in water supplies typically isn’t filtered out by municipal treatment plants.

No laws exist to protect the public from pharmaceuticals

Many chemicals are highly regulated because they are known to negatively affect human and environmental health. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tasked with regulating exposure to these chemicals, but pharmaceuticals are not included in its regulatory scheme. Despite years of prodding by environmental scientists, the EPA has given very little attention to the dangers posed by widespread pharmaceutical contamination.

According to a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study conducted back in 2002, antidepressants, blood pressure and diabetes medications, anticonvulsants, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy drugs, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, heart medications and even codeine are all showing up in the water supplies of American cities. This study was the first national-scale evaluation of pharmaceutical drug contamination in streams, and roughly 80 percent of the streams tested were found to be contaminated as well.

In 2008, an AP investigation found that at least 46 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with trace amounts of pharmaceuticals. Even though every city tested has its water treated and “purified” prior to being delivered to the public, trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are making their way through to the tap. (Since not all major metropolitan areas were tested, the number of people affected is likely far higher than what was reported by AP.)

In spite of all this, water quality reports don’t disclose the levels of pharmaceuticals found in tap water. Since the EPA and FDA have failed to establish any proper guidelines for drug contamination in water, most people have no idea that their water contains a dangerous cocktail of prescription medications.

Hospitals, consumers and drug companies are all responsible

None of this is surprising if you consider that unused and expired drugs cannot be legally returned to the pharmacies where they were purchased. Many people just flush them down the toilet because the drug labels actually encourage patients to dispose of them this way (and they probably don’t know what else to do with them).

People who take prescription and over-the-counter drugs will excrete them as well, contributing to the drug overload being found at wastewater treatment plants. (Drugs are not necessarily “broken down” by your digestive system.)

It is also regular protocol for hospitals to flush millions of pounds of unused medications every year, a practice that contributes significantly to water contamination.

And let’s not forget the drug companies that dump large amounts of their own pharmaceuticals into water supplies. The same AP investigation found that more than 270 million pounds of pharmaceutical compound residue is dumped every year into waterways nationwide, many of which serve as drinking water for millions of people.

The U.S. isn’t the only place where Big Pharma is dumping its waste, either. In 2009, researchers found that India’s rivers are full of dangerous pharmaceuticals, too.

One Indian river where 90 different pharmaceutical companies dump their waste tested positive for over 21 active drug ingredients. In one river alone, there was enough ciprofloxacin (a strong antibiotic) being dumped every day by drug companies to treat 90,000 people! (And scientists detected this in water that was supposedly purified by the drug companies before being released into the environment).

The drug contamination levels found in India’s rivers were 150 times the detected levels found in the U.S. These findings prove that drug companies couldn’t care less how much drug residue they dump in water as long as they can get away with it. They don’t even believe that pharmaceutical contamination is a threat to the environment.

“Based on what we now know, I would say we find there’s little or no risk from pharmaceuticals in the environment to human health,” explained microbiologist Thomas White, a consultant for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, in a Dallas Morning News article about the AP investigation. This is similar to BP’s CEO saying, after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, that the amount of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico was “tiny” compared to how big the ocean is.

Studies show drug residue cocktails actually do cause harm

Though the chemical and drug industries deny any danger from exposure to drug residue in the water, science (and common sense) says otherwise.

A 2006 study conducted by researchers from the University of Insubria in Italy simulated drug-tainted water by creating a low-level mixture of various drug residues and testing it on embryonic cells. They discovered that, even at low doses, the drug residues actually stopped cells from reproducing.

Even though current water contamination levels are measured in parts per million or parts per billion, there is no way to know just how much exposure people are actually experiencing. People drink contaminated water, shower in contaminated water and cook with contaminated water, so it’s illogical to suggest that there’s no harm being caused by widespread exposure, even at “low” doses, especially when the exposure is a combination of dozens of different drugs that have never been tested in combination.

People are not the only beings that are affected by pharmaceutical contamination, either. The world’s aquatic ecosystems (and the plants and animals that belong to them) are all being negatively impacted.

Drugs are being found in fish

According to an MSNBC report back in 2009, all kinds of drugs are being found in the bodies of fish near major U.S. cities. Researchers found drugs for high cholesterol, allergies, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder and depression in the livers and tissue of fish.

Researchers are in agreement that aquatic species of all types are being harmed by continuous exposure to water contaminated with pharmaceuticals. Even though wastewater is treated in the U.S. before entering waterways, most treatment facilities do not have the proper filtering technology to remove dangerous drug residues from wastewater before it gets dumped.

Many fish are experiencing reproductive problems as a result of exposure, as is explained in the following report:


Beyond having their sperm damaged, some fish are actually changing sexes. Males are becoming females and females are becoming males as a result of drug exposure in the water. Other water creatures are experiencing things like organ failure and the inability to grow. It makes a reasonable person ask “How long until these effects start to hit humans?”

Or have they already?

“We have no reason to think that this is a unique situation. We find pretty much anywhere we look, these compounds are ubiquitous,” explained Erik Orsak, an environmental contaminants specialist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in response to the findings.

And it’s not just near American cities where fish are turning up with all kinds of drugs in their bodies. As of 2008, more than 100 different pharmaceutical compounds have been detected around the world, affecting fish and wildlife everywhere. These are chemicals that simply do not belong in our environment. And yet they are there, dumped into our waters by the pharmaceutical industry and its hospitals, pharmacies and consumers.

Why we need more research on the toxicity of pharmaceutical contaminants

Many animal studies have been or are being conducted on pharmaceutical exposure, and they are indicating that these drugs are causing widespread harm. But very few official human trials have been conducted, prompting many to push for increased efforts.

If drug residue is building up in animals and wildlife, then of course it’s building up in humans as well, posing the risk of significant harm. Reproductive failure, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, osteoporosis — all of these diseases and more may be caused, at least in part, by prolonged exposure to low levels of all sorts of drugs in the water supply.

Many states pushing for drug waste legislation

Because the truth about drug contamination in water is no longer a secret, many states have begun enacting legislation to regulate drug disposal. Last August, Illinois passed the Safe Pharmaceuticals Disposal Act, which restricts hospitals from flushing drugs down the drain.

California has a similar law in place, and New York is working on one as well, according to a recent report:


The same report indicates that there have been five bills introduced to regulate drugs at the federal level.

While this addresses the hospital waste problem, there’s still the human and drug company waste problems. No matter how you look at it, pharmaceutical drugs are going to continue making their way into the water supplies because they will pass through the bodies of consumers first!

Drug companies must be held responsible for their wastewater

Since it’s already been revealed that drug companies are failing to properly treat their wastewater before dumping it into rivers (even though they claim to be treating it), U.S. regulatory agencies need to step up and correct the problem. Regular monitoring of wastewater contaminant levels is the only way to halt the chemical contamination of waterways.

And if U.S. companies are polluting water supplies in other countries (such as India), they should be held accountable for their actions. There’s no excuse for U.S. companies to pollute anywhere in the world just because they’re operating outside domestic borders.

Wastewater treatment plants should be retrofitted

State and local legislators would do well to put forth their own legislation to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities so they can properly filter out pharmaceuticals (and dispose of them safely). Since there’s no way to stop human elimination of pharmaceuticals (apart from slowly educating the masses to stop swallowing dangerous pharmaceuticals), municipalities need to do their part to prevent these dangerous toxins from getting into water supplies in the first place.

Together, these measures would help to drastically reduce the amount of pharmaceutical waste entering our environment.

It’s the environment, stupid!

The careless disposal of toxic pharmaceuticals is proving to be highly destructive, despite reassurances by some that it’s not that big of a deal. The health of the planet and all of its amazing biodiversity is now threatened by the steady poisoning of toxic chemical pharmaceuticals.

And it’s not just pharmaceuticals, either. Chemical byproducts and waste from many different industries are polluting our environment at unprecedented rates. Mercury (from dental fillings), fluoride (dripped into the public water supply on purpose, if you can believe that!), and all sorts of other chemicals and heavy metals are showing up in food, water and the global environment.

Haven’t we poisoned our planet enough already?

Plants, animals and even humans can only take so much of this. That’s why we need to keep fighting against the corporations that are causing this harm and force them to stop destroying the world in which we hope to raise our children.

After all, if we keep poisoning the planet at this rate, there won’t be much left to offer future generations except a toxic stew of patent-protected chemicals that all the corporations pretend pose no problem at all.

food can save you.

(NaturalNews) An obese doctor comes home to his wife at dinner time carrying yet another bag full of drive-through junk food from a local restaurant.

Worried about his health, his wife asks, “Don’t you realize all that junk food you keep eating is destroying your entire body?”

“That’s not my concern,” the doctor replies. “I’m only an ear, nose and throat specialist.”

This joke illustrates an important point: That even the most brilliant scientists, doctors and researchers can seem downright clueless when it comes to their own health. And this joke isn’t really a joke at all: It’s a sad but true commentary about the blind spots in the knowledge of those who are among society’s most intelligent thinkers.

I’ve known many brilliant people. Even a few geniuses. But rarely do I meet anyone whose knowledge of food and nutrition rises very far above outright ignorance. Perhaps one in a hundred people in the western world today have taken it upon themselves to actually learn about foods and health — the rest simply wing it, going along with the mainstream. (And the mainstream is diseased…)

Brilliance in one field doesn’t always translate into nutrition

But here’s the really interesting part: The more intelligent a person is in their own field of specialty, the more informed they think they are about foods and nutrition (even if they aren’t). A typical rocket scientist, for example, is so used to being right that when it comes to his dietary decisions and food shopping habits, he thinks he is right by the mere fact that he is the one making his food consumption decisions. Because he’s always right, then whatever decision he makes — whether it deals with food, finances or relationships — must also be the right decision.

Making matters even worse, really smart people are especially susceptible to strategies of non-conscious persuasion — such as those used by food advertisers. Food companies don’t appeal to logic and reason when advertising their junk foods because there really isn’t much logic or reason behind consuming their products at all. Instead, they use emotional anchoring to unconsciously attach feelings to brands. That way, when you’re in the store shopping, you unconsciously experience a preference for a particular product or brand without knowing why.

This gets the smart people every time, it seems. They may have superior logic and intellect compared to the rest of the world, but when you examine their grocery store receipts, they’re buying all the same junk as the guy with an IQ of 70 who lives next door.

Having brains, it seems, doesn’t necessarily translate into making good decisions about food and health. And yet these people should know better.

Food and consequences

Most scientists, doctors and high-IQ people believe in The Law of Cause and Effect. Every action (a cause) results in some reaction (an effect). Every input has an output.

Most people acknowledge this universal truth, and yet when it comes to foods and health, there’s a bizarre disconnect about this. People have been trained by the big food companies — and even government regulators to a large extent — that what they choose to eat has almost no bearing on their health outcomes. The establishment would rather have you believe that your genes control your health while glossing over the far more important point that it is your diet that controls the expression of your genes.

They would rather ignore the truthful fact that vitamin D prevents infectious disease 500% better than a vaccine because this allows them to promote vaccines rather than teach nutritional responsibility. Even mainstream dieticians from the American Dietetic Association are taught that there is no difference between dead foods and living foods. A calorie is a calorie, they’re taught, no matter where it comes from or whether it’s in a plant from Mother Nature or a sugar factory made by Man.

The nutritional ignorance in our culture is astounding, and as long as such ignorance remains so widespread, we will never achieve a health care system that’s both effective and affordable. As long as our doctors remain nutritionally illiterate, we will never have a health care system that values educating patients about what they put in their mouths.

Ignorance is the enemy of lasting health, and sadly our own government institutions such as the FDA maintain policies of enforced ignorance that outlaw companies selling natural products from linking to scientific studies that discuss the health benefits of their products. Everything from cherries, green tea and walnuts have been under relentless attacks by the FDA, which threatens company founders with arrest and prosecution unless they remove their website links that point to scientific studies published in peer-reviewed science journals. (

One important victory over FDA censorship has just been achieved in the courts (…), but the FDA’s campaign of enforced ignorance continues.

Even our public schools reinforce nutritional illiteracy among our children. While nearly everyone agrees it’s important to teach our children how to read, write and understand math and science, there is no real effort to teach children how to feed themselves in a healthy manner. Health class is a nutritional joke, and school lunch programs actually teach students precisely the wrong message by serving up dead, processed “institutional” foods that promote diabetes, cancer, heart disease and behavioral disorders. (You can also find McDonald’s restaurants in many U.S. hospitals, by the way, but that’s another story…)

Nutritional ignorance may be fantastic for generating obscene profits for the drug companies, but it’s a terrible policy for public health. Americans will only achieve true lasting health when they are granted open access to truthful information about the healing capabilities of natural foods, superfoods, nutritonal supplements and herbal remedies.

Until that day comes, we will remain a nation locked in a cycle of ignorance and disease that will ultimately bankrupt us at every level. Nutrition can help us break that cycle, but only if we can get past the ignorance and unleash a new era of nutritional literacy for our people.

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