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Vaccines pushed by medical-industrial complex

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Andrew W. Griffin
Oklahoma Watchdog
September 1, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY — As we noted here at Oklahoma Watchdog a week or so ago, the pharmacy chain Walgreens has been aggressively pushing this season’s combined seasonal/H1N1 flu vaccine. This, after 2009′s swine-flu scare that resulted in tons of vaccine that was left to rot in warehouses, resulting in lost revenue for vaccine manufacturers and others who profit off of health-related scaremongering.

There are reports in countries like India where deaths have been reported following swine-flu vaccines. Photo: Andres Rueda

And while reading USA Today this morning I couldn’t help but notice the full-page Walgreens ad on 7A where a “mom” says she is arming herself for the ones she loves, saying, “I got a flu shot for my daughter.” That last part was underlined in the ad.

And now we see there is a strong effort afoot to make vaccine mandatory for health workers. As a Los Angeles Times story reported today that hospital chains are increasingly forcing employees to get vaccines or lose their job. The State of New York is working on a plan to make state health workers get the jab.

Notes the LAT: “Most studies suggest that healthcare workers should be vaccinated to help stop the spread of flu. But surveys show a sizable portion of people who work in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices don’t want to get an annual flu shot. According to a Rand Corp survey issued last year, 39% of healthcare professionals said they would not get a flu vaccine, even with the threat of pandemic flu.

What the story fails to explain is why these health workers are refusing to get the vaccines.

Could it be that these health workers and increasing numbers of people are educating themselves about the ingredients of these vaccines and deciding they don’t want these “nasties” in their bodies, ranging from viruses to squalene to mercury?

Note this Prison Planet article released this week headlined “Vaccine deaths and injuries skyrocket as cover-up implodes.” The story, written by Paul Joseph Watson, references a new Rasmussen poll that says over half – 52 percent – of Americans are concerned about the safety of vaccines.

There are already reports in countries like India where deaths have been reported following swine-flu vaccines. Will that happen here in the U.S. once people begin getting their annual jab, which includes the seasonal and H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine?

We will be staying on this story throughout flu season and beyond.


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