glenn beck for real?

UPDATE: Is Glenn Beck for Real?

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UPDATE: Alex has released an addendum video address going over even more points about Glenn Beck and the attempt to co-opt the real Tea Party and legitimate Constitutional and patriot movements. See Below

Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
September 29, 2010

Glenn Beck stands before a crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial during his ‘Restoring Honor’ rally. Photo credit Luke X. Martin. Used under creative commons license.

Glenn Beck, as a national media figure, has never been consistent. While he has been seen on TV supporting big government bailouts, new taxes and unlimited war under the dubious banner of “conservative,” Beck has also made a name as a Libertarian of sorts, and now as a tax-revolting Patriot leader within the Tea Party.

But what Glenn Beck has never done, until now, is come so close to telling the truth. In recent episodes, as on September 22, Beck has highlighted the agenda of “global elites,” while digging up valid information on some very serious advocates of World Government, like Col. Edward Mandell House, the foreign affairs advisor to Woodrow Wilson who helped found the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations. In the same episode, Glenn Beck exposed Eugenics as an American experiment that morphed into the Nazi Holocaust and linked Cass Sunstein with his intellectual ancestor, Edward Bernays, who refined the art of propaganda to facilitate covert social engineering and control.

All this is not only new ground for Beck, but for televised news at large. Those in power clearly intend that The People would pay attention to Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Lindsay Lohan and American Idol, not find out the aims of the Council on Foreign Relations, a publicly-obscure but deeply-influential elitist think tank. Though many of Beck’s infamous Fox News programs have revolved around convoluted diagrams and misinformed flow-charts linking entities like the White House and the SDS with Van Jones, 9/11 and Nazism (and so on…), he has now reached the point of concise and important historical examples demonstrating the elite controlled agenda.

So is Glenn Beck for real?

PART 1/2

That question has come up again and again, as the crew continues research Beck, the Tea Parties and the attempt to control what Zbigniew Brzezinski recently termed as the ‘first truly global awakening.’

There is no doubt that Glenn Beck has advanced and popularized many important, relevant and true issues; however, he has also been very deceptive and at times proven to be anything less than the principled patriot he plays on TV. Though we’ve been frequent critics, we’d be remiss not to commend Glenn Beck for moving in the right direction and addressing real issues about the behind-the-scenes shadow government power structure. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we’re ready to trust him.

On the one hand, his exposé of the global elite stops well short of revealing the influence of the Bilderberg Group (which he has mocked), the Rockefeller Foundation or the trans-national cabal formulated between European royalty, Anglo-American intelligensia and worldwide bureaucracy. Instead, Beck frequent blames “Progressives,” which keeps him conveniently on the attack against primarily Democrats. He often suggests that snarky, manipulative policymakers like Cass Sunstein or mindless psuedo-Communists like Van Jones are at the top of power. In reality, however, these figures, while working against the Constitution and American sovereignty, are at best mid-level minions within the New World Order. These figures are no David Rockefeller, Rothschild family or Henry Kissinger.

Where he treads on conservative ground and within the body politic of the Tea Party movement, he has again played more than one role. When he seeks to rouse the rabble, Glenn Beck puts forward that patriots are supposed to question their government. But when that dissent means 9/11 Truthers or ‘extreme’ Ron Paul-revolutionaries, Glenn Beck says that Patriots who question the government are potential terrorists posing a violent danger (without proof of course).

In times when Glenn Beck appears sincere, he often still discredits the topics he covers through his jokes and antics. His inflammatory and scatter-shot commentary draws fire from the Left and other critics, and make him an easy target easy to dismiss and demean– and the seriousness of the topics he covers is diminished when he loses face.

Alex Jones has suggested the Glenn Beck’s doublespeak has more to do with the larger political reorientation. World Government is admittedly formulating out in the open; the New World Order can’t hide, so they pose as the alternative and as patriot groups interested in limited government. To use Bob Dylan’s terminology, they know which way the wind blows– and their assets are all too ready to wear the coloration of Constitutionalists even when they are diametrically opposed to United States sovereignty.

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Glenn Beck himself– and admitted actor, phony and poser– is likely a construct of one of three alternatives (though his role may well be unwitting participation rather than intentional conspiring:

1) Glenn Beck is a Cold-Blooded Operative who is Parading in the Coloration of a Constitutionalist and Patriot, While Waiting for Key Moments to Betray and Backtrack. Beck has already turned on The People to support the bailout, propose a VAT tax, to decry 9/11 truthers as violent extremists and to deny all inquiries into that and other big ‘conspiracy theory’ events. He pretended to investigate FEMA camps, before rolling out Popular Mechanics to ‘debunk’ cherry-picked information. Beck has sucker-punched the likes of rising Tea Party candidates like Debra Medina in favor of endorsing establishment candidates like Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Further, he pushed away the strongest Constitutional candidates like Congressman Ron Paul. And that’s just the short list. Nothing is worse than a Benedict Arnold.

2) The New World Order May Have Allowed Glenn Beck to Rise as a False Tea Party / Patriot Leader, only to destroy him later (and make way for a leader from the opposite camp). The offshore globalists have scientifically-developed their understanding of human behavior, and long ago predicted patterns and likely responses. Through the Hegelian Dialectic, the globalists play both sides– as populist anger continues to boil up as the economy continues to implode. When they know they can’t stop the Ron Paul Revolution or tea party-spirit altogether, the system attempts to co-opt the philosophy and aims of these groups. The New World Order subverts the movement with sellout candidates, vetted by FOX News and the establishment-funded Tea Party Express, who are guaranteed to portray a patriot image but deliver no substance whatsoever while in power.

3) The New World Order System May Be Fractured From Within. Glenn Beck may represent one wing of rival factions within the globalist control grid. The Hegelian Dialectic pits two (or more) opposing sides (A + B) against one another for the specific purpose of creating new reactions (C) through synthesis. Also, conflicting interests– who are united in the bigger picture on global integration and cooperative rule– may seek to give resistance to the integration of a more socialistic system within the United States, represented in the extreme by Stalin and Mao-style Communism, and in the present by President Obama and his allies.

Whatever Glenn Beck may be, we only hope that he will go further– all the way. As Alex Jones states in this video address, Beck should call out the likes of Queen Beatrix, Prince Philip, Ted Turner and Bill & Melinda Gates– all who operate at the heart of groups like Bilderberg, entities like the United Nations and agendas like the worldwide population control program.

Whether or not he goes this far, Beck can be assured that we will be watching his moves carefully. His voice has become an important one, at any rate, and the hope that he might inject real issues and educate people about the very real dangers posed by world government is significant.

Send us feedback about your interpretation of Glenn Beck, help us analysis his game and hold his feet to the fire. Leave comments with your thoughts here in the story or over at Twitter.


Alex Jones is a nationally-syndicated radio host, and the owner of several news websites including and He is also a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist who has achieved worldwide recognition for his outspoken views. He has appeared in such publications as The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Popular Mechanics and such programs as Good Morning America, 20/20 Downtown, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Fox News, TalkSport (UK), Russia Today, Channel 4 (UK), A&E, America’s most widely listened to late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM, C-Span, and many other venues.

Aaron Dykes is frequent writer for and is the webmaster for He is also a videographer, researcher and editor who has worked on numerous documentaries and videos reports. His background includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin in government as well radio-television-film.

Rights, Liberties, and Romans 13

Rights, Liberties, and Romans 13

by Paul Green
by Paul Green
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For centuries the book of Romans, chapter 13, has been used to extinguish the flames of liberty. It has been misused to such an extent in fact, that it has become the favourite passage of dictators.

When the State couldn’t beat early Christianity it decided to join in. Soon the floors of Roman tax collection offices had Romans 13 inscribed, and slaughter in the name of Christ began. Hitler also used the passage, claiming that churches should take care of heavenly matters, leaving earthly matters to him. More recently, Mugabe’s totalitarian government shamelessly played the Romans 13 card.

The Christian Right are using it right now, to exempt the State from basic laws like “Though shalt not kill” – making it fine to slaughter the innocent in wars around the world. (See “If God is Pro-War – He Lied“)

At the same time, the Christian Left continue using it to exempt the State from basic laws like “Though shalt not steal” – making it alright for the State to take all it wants and pretend tax avoiders and evaders are the thieves and cheats.

God Plus Country, King, Queen, Government?

Whenever, in the minds of Christians, kingdoms of this earth are merged into the Kingdom of God (see “The Exclusive Kingdom of God“); inevitably their faith is compromised in favour of the earthly government’s will and doctrine:

Faith in God’s provision is minimised, faith in the State’s provision maximised.

Faith in God’s created authority is limited, faith in State authority extended.

Christian activity becomes influencing and expanding State activity, rather than supplanting it.

Reverence in church services is shared with the agents of the government and the flags and symbolism of the State. Governments have even created their own national churches.

But the Gospel of the Kingdom of God – as Jesus taught it – completely excludes the State, undermining it not temporarily, through superficial force of arms, but at its foundation in the hearts of men. That is why the enemies of Jesus and the early church were primarily the agents, allies or beneficiaries of the State – local, national, and later empire-wide.

The early Christians were well aware that ancient Israel was established by God without any earthly government and continued that way for 450 years afterwards – not in chaos, but under the civil Law, judges and natural family elders.

In line with this, the attitude of Jesus toward government and officialdom was made absolutely clear:

“The rulers of the ungodly lord it over them, and their officials are called ‘benefactors’…. but it shall not be so among you.”

Obviously, words like this are not going to go down well with any government and so their allies have preferred to focus upon those scriptures that deal with practical instruction for living under pagan governments. Inevitably, practical instruction is reinterpreted to mean total submission and obedience – the only limit on government authority being the imagination of officials. Other scriptures like Romans 13, upholding proper authority, have been redefined to glorify State supremacy.

Added to the rise of undisguised secular politics worship, the modern state apparatus in Christian countries is built upon the acceptance of approved interpretations of two main scriptures: “Render unto Caesar” (Matt 22, Mark 12, Luke 20) and Romans 13.

I think rendering to Caesar is very well taken care of with precision and detail by Jeffrey F. Barr’s recent article – but to sum up my own understanding here:

The objective was to turn Jesus over to the governor – who would hardly object if Jesus taught a moral obligation to pay any and all taxes. Jesus taught no such thing. Instead, He showed them a denarius, inscribed and deifying Caesar as “theou huios” – “son of the god.” The answer as to how much is Caesar’s and how much is God’s therefore depends entirely on the faith of the hearer. Jesus’ words were an invitation to choose allegiance.

In private, Jesus’ instruction to His disciples on tax was plain and direct:

“the sons are free… nevertheless, lest we offend them… give it to them.”

The message of this article is the same – children of the only true King are free from any moral obligation to the State. Nevertheless (and thankfully) the Gospel does not mandate open physical resistance in the face of a tax demand – just pay up and live to fight another day.

Romans 13 – The Totalitarian Version

Some modern Bible “translations” of Romans 13 completely abandon textual accuracy and just say “obey the government” – and are backed by a government copyright monopoly (see “Christianity and IP“). Other translations are less biased, but I am not a believer in the inerrancy of translators. In fact, I am going to make an attempt at “translating” Romans 13 myself.

But first, my own paraphrase of the authoritarian mindset:

“Totally submit to the government and all its officials, for there is no official that is not preordained by God to rule you. Therefore, any sign of resistance to any official is defying God and you will be destroyed. But do whatever they decide – that is being good and God through His officials will reward you. But disobeying anything they say or decide, any rule they make, is bad and you should be afraid because the government’s agents have swords and guns with good reason – and they are specially ordained by God to violently punish those who disobey them in any way, because to do so is evil. But don’t just obey them because they are threatening you, you should actually feel guilty if you disobey in any way. You should pay them whatever amount they ask without question because they are serving God by taking it from you and doing their very special work. So give without question everything they ask: taxes are theirs, all your money is theirs, your respect is their right, your complete obedience is their right.”

I think that is a pretty fair summary of prevailing ideas about Romans 13. If reading it does not cause a revolt inside you, then it should. That it is a distortion of God’s Holy Word is confirmed by its fruit – contributing to the murder and enslavement of millions.

How many Christians has it influenced – as soldiers, serving despots from Hitler to the Pentagon – in concluding that, right or wrong, they are not responsible for innocent deaths but just following orders?

The same understanding has kept much of the Christian world in servitude to parasitical governments, when it should be spreading liberty in accordance with the enormous price paid for our freedom by Christ our Lord: “To proclaim liberty to the captives… To set at liberty those who are oppressed.”

The door to liberty is wide open – but the inmates are too scared to go outside.

Romans 13 – Private Property Protected

Remember, the context of the book of Romans is a hostile Roman Empire with the likes of Nero and Caligula, while at the local and national level there were armed religious power elites.

I found the almost copyright-free helpful, in particular this Greek interlinear feature. You might want to right click and open in another window to do your own translating. After double-checking in several places; this is my own translation/paraphrase:

“(1) Everyone should be subject to presiding authority – for it is not authority unless under God and only exists as ordered by God. (2) In which case, resisting such authority defies the order of God – and resisting that invites enforcement action. (3) For a person in charge is no threat to good conduct but bad. Just behave well and you will be appreciated, (4) for he is your servant from God. But do evil and be afraid, for he does not bear a weapon without reason – and in rage will exact a penalty on the wrongdoer. (5) It is therefore necessary to comply, and not only because of his anger, but for conscience sake. (6) For this particular reason (the punishing of wrongdoers) settle the annual levy for public officers when they are acting as God’s servants in this regard. (7) Yield to everyone that which is actually owed: a levy where a levy is due, a settlement where due, respect where due, at the correct price and amount that is due. Never withhold payment but rather love one another, for whoever loves his neighbour fulfils the law.”

I believe that is a whole lot better and more accurate than most translations. I am not saying all other translations are completely wrong – but their choice of words is generally guided by an underlying assumption that the State is exclusively the subject.

That is not the case.

Centres of Authority

In fact, the word often translated “authorities” or “powers” in verse 1 is not the equivalent of the State. The meaning, according to Thayer’s and Vine’s, is firstly the “liberty, the power to do as one pleases,” which a person has over their person, property or domain. It might even be translated “Everyone respect primary rights and liberties…” In 1 Cor 8:9 it is translated “this liberty of yours.

Also, the word often translated “rulers” in verse 3 is not the direct equivalent of State officials. It is used elsewhere in the Bible to denote “rulers” of a synagogue, judges, elders – anyone in charge of a social function. The Bible even refers to a “ruler of the feast” and a “governor of the feast.”

In fact, there are multiple legitimate centres of authority described in the Bible and which are ordained and set in place by God. Each one is violated by the lawless State when it claims authority it does not have over these domains. For example:

A father is to “rule his own house” and bear arms in its defence:

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace

A father has the duty to serve for the good of his household, guests and visitors. This authority is clearly limited, yet in the case of trespassers and armed robbers, a head of household has every right to use force and violators should be very afraid of incurring his wrath.

A landlord or landowner has every right to control and protect his property by force –

Jesus taught the parable of the landowner, who leased his vineyard to tenants, who killed first the landowner’s employees and then his son. Jesus asked the disciples what the landowner should do. The answer, fully accepted by Jesus, was that the owner should destroy the tenants.

A church leader is ordained to serve the congregation, but also to direct church affairs and should have security measures in place. But limitations are clear – when a leader starts assuming authority over the life, household and money of members, it becomes a cult.

A business proprietor exists to serve his customers, but also to direct the business and guard against thieves. Customers will be valued and served; but thieves and troublemakers should be ejected – by force if necessary.

To uphold all of these rights, liberties and centres of authority, there is a legitimate place for third-party public judicial resolution of grievances and enforced punishment for those who are violators. This is included specifically in verse 6 of the passage.

But this function does not extend to making up new laws or creating new centres of authority; only respecting those already given by God. Assumed authority just does not exist – no one has the right to institute a new authority or domain in order to dominate others.

The Divine Right of Kings?

As worded by many translations, the second part of Romans 13:1 is ambiguous. The typical rendering is “There is no authority but from God and those that exist are appointed by Him.”

In addition to assuming that the State is the exclusive and all pervasive authority referred to, the prevailing interpretation is that any and all officials named by the State as an authority are ordained by God.

Many Christians today actually believe an official can write a number by the side of a road and more or less create a new sin – exceeding the speed limit – whether anyone was actually endangered, let alone hurt, or not.

Many believe that God required 10% but that governments have a divine blank cheque. They might protest at the current 50–60% of GDP that is being spent in places like the UK and the US, but still believe that not paying it would be robbery in the eyes of God.

We might at least expect a consistent misinterpretation, but many of the same people support invading and deposing other “divinely appointed” governments. When faith is in “God and Country” – and where “Country” means “Government” – it seems that their Country must prevail.

The conclusion: The only possible meaning consistent with other scripture is that authority of any kind – home, business, church, judicial – only exists to the extent that it is from God and as ordered by Him in creation. All other falsely assumed authority should be opposed:

Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge

We ought to obey God rather than men.”

By faith Moses.. parents.. were not afraid of the king’s command

…who through faith subdued kingdoms

Authority and Force

Romans 13 verse 4 underlines that proper authority is rightfully backed by force.

God’s people were always armed. This is evident on countless occasions from Abraham’s household slaying marauders to David killing Goliath. In fact, the only time they were unarmed was when disarmed by the Philistines.

Jesus himself affirmed this in Luke 22, when he commanded his disciples to make proper provision, their having undergone earlier special training to rely exclusively on supernatural provision:

“But now… he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.”

As mentioned earlier, He had already said, “a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace” and affirmed the authority of a landowner to use force against violent thieves.

But on top of this, Jesus personally, as rightful Head over the temple in Jerusalem – made a whip of cords and used it to drive out the moneychangers.

At the same time, revenge and getting our own back is not right. Jesus did teach turning the other cheek to insult and provocation, even to suffer non-critical loss or hurt, in order to exercise mercy and to avoid trouble.

Judicial Authority

The apprehension of wrongdoers is also a legitimate use of force. The judicial system is introduced in Romans 13:6, but with the clear proviso that it is there for one purpose – respecting, enforcing and protecting rights, liberties and proper centres of authority.

Paul was pointing out – in the context of a violent Roman dictatorship – that where there is a local judicial system and insofar as it operates to punish actual wrongdoers (thieves, murderers etc.) Christians should go along with it and even be willing to pay for it.

That does not make the Roman government system or any other right or necessary:

In Anglo-Saxon countries until the mid 1800’s with the introduction of police, the administration of justice worked well, largely without government. The Common Law was (and still is in some places) administered by unpaid local Justices of the Peace and Constables who were independent and often opposed the State. “Citizen’s arrest” was the primary means of enforcement. Enforcement of law under ancient Israel was similar, with Judges and volunteer officers of the court.

Note that Romans 13:6 refers to a moderate annual levy (or tribute) – it is not a blanket endorsement of all tax for all reasons.

Honour all people

Finally, verse seven returns to showing due respect for “everyone” in general:

A landlord has the right to be paid for rent – on time. A passenger should pay his fare. Bills should be settled when due. A “keep off the grass” sign posted by the owner should be respected. A teacher should respect the Principal. A CEO should respect the company founder or board Chairman.

The message of Romans 13 is to respect others rights, financial or otherwise, wherever rightly due. But the lines and limits of authority in each of these cases is clear to most people. It is an anomaly when Romans 13 is read as if there were no limits to the authority of government, that it can make up its own laws and enforce them violently with divine backing.

Prudence and Practicality

It is one thing to realize the illegitimate nature of the State (read 1 Samuel Chapter 8 if you have any lingering doubts); it is another to defy it openly.

Sometimes open defiance is right – where a government drafts soldiers to kill innocent people; where a government switches from insidious corruption to open confrontation of Christianity; where a government comes to seize or indoctrinate children; or where backed by public support.

Then again, an otherwise illegitimate government’s actions can be supported where it confines itself to proper judicial enforcement against actual wrongdoers – as defined by the laws of God, and without violating the innocent. Some scriptures cover this:

1 Peter 2 makes clear that it is important “for the Lord’s sake” that we comply with human institutions, where it will help spread the Gospel. Our objective is transformation from within, not just superficial defiance. But only “the punishment of evildoers” is legitimized, not any arbitrary right to redefine good and evil.

Much is made of “Fear God. Honour the king.” But why should this not be reminding us of the true King, Jesus? Even if it is ambiguous, why should the other possible meaning be any more than an instruction to be courteous, and to love even our enemies – the same Greek word is used in the same verse: “Honour all people.”

Titus 3:1 uses exactly the same Greek word for “authorities” or “powers” as Romans 13, defined by Vine’s first and foremost, as “power of choice, liberty of doing as one pleases,” which may indeed include judicial authority, if and when it operates within its remit.

Most of the time however, dealing with the improperly assumed authority of government is simply a matter of practicality and prudence in the face of violent force.

Final Thoughts

Understanding proper God-given centres of authority is the key to understanding Romans 13. That’s why I appreciate Romans 13 – it upholds our own rights and domain along with the rights of others.

Think about the 95% of daily life that the government cannot control. Why is it not chaos? Life is ordered by natural spheres of authority, ideally revolving around the family household for social provision, and free enterprise for material provision.

Above this, there is only one true King, the Giver and Protector of all liberty.

It is time for Christians to retake their proper authority, stop yielding themselves as “slaves to men,” and speak out for the exclusive, supreme Kingdom of God and against the usurping kingdoms and governments of this world.

Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

US: Republican Party rides wave of backlash against Obama Administration. Campaign rhetoric is full of promises to trim government, reduce controls, regain prosperity, restore the Constitution, and “take back our country.” [Beware! This is the same old two-party ping-pong game that has been played for decades. Vote against the previous Party but don’t think too deeply about the replacement. Most of these so-called Constitutionalist politicians have voted against the Constitution at every turn throughout their careers. As Lenin once said: “Words are one thing. Actions another.” Judge Republicans and Democrats alike; not by their present words, but by their previous actions.]
Posted 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

Silver futures (speculative contracts in which buyers and sellers attempt to predict the future price of something) surged to their highest price since 1980 and gold futures set an all-time record high. Gold now is at $1300 per oz.. [Smart investors are buying precious metals as a safe haven against inflation.] Bloomberg 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

US: Congress (with prodding from the pharmaceutical industry) seeks to put dietary supplement makers in jail. A bill now before the Senate would imprison supplement makers for ten years if they cite findings from scientific studies on their labels or literature. [This is to protect the consumer, of course.]
posted 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

Iranian President tells world leaders at a UN conference that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by segments within the US government to reverse economic trends and to have a military presence in the Middle East to “save the Zionist regime”. Diplomats from the US, Canada, and the 27-member European bloc walked out during his speech. Aljazeera 2010 Sep 24 (Cached)

Hornet’s nest of contention: In last week’s issue, we linked to a story relating to President Obama’s Executive Order #13544 that established a vastly expanded federal health-care bureaucracy. Now we are making a retraction – of sorts. Click here for the story behind the story.
2010 Sep 24 Unfiltered News

What in the World Are They Spraying!

Documentary on chemtrails aka Geoengineering
Saturday, Oct. 23, Atlanta, Georgia

Producers G. Edward Griffin, Mike Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger will be present. Limited seating.
Information and reservations here)

UK: Three-year-olds being labeled by teachers as bigots; over 250,000 schoolchildren accused of racism. [No doubt this will lead to expanded government power to intervene in the home to monitor and structure politically correct social attitudes.]
Daily Mail
2010 Sep 23 (Cached)

New York City midwives no longer can assist with home births. State law requires midwives to be approved by a hospital and an obstetrician (their competitors). The only hospital that was willing to work with midwives has closed its doors, so the medical monopoly now is complete.

Natural News
2010 Sep 23 (Cached)

US Congressman calls for government schools to promote the agenda of global warming (‘climate change’) and reduction of human population.
2010 Sep 22 (Cached)

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is prosecuting 8 City of Bell officials whose excessive salaries recently were exposed. They are accused of misappropriating more than $5.5 million. Excessive salaries are not a crime unless illegally obtained.
LA Times
2010 Sep 22 (Cached)
Ironically, Cooley, who is the leading candidate for California’s next Atty. General, also has an excessive salary and, according to those opposing his candidacy, is heavily funded in cash by attorneys who specialize in defending criminals. YouTube

Interpol wants to create a global response team composed of national and local police networks to fight the Internet “radicalization” of youth, which they claim could lead to terrorism. [They do not define radicalization, but we know they mean any opinion that challenges government authority. In other words, they want to close down websites such as this.] UPI 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Fund, told students at the University of Michigan that people who are in economic distress need to “suck it in and cope.” He said also that they should “thank God” for bank bailouts. [He failed to mention that his company received over $70 billion in bailout money – probably just slipped his mind.] Rolling Stone 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

US: House passes bill to drive American companies out of the Gulf, delay future drilling, increase dependency on foreign oil, implement climate-change legislation and youth education programs, and sign on to the Law-of-the-Sea Treaty, which gives control to the UN over America’s oceans, coasts, lakes, and rivers. Now it goes to the Senate, the last chance to stop it. [If you would like your Senator to vote against this bill, now is the time to figure out how to contact him.] Boogai 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

Obama supporter tells him, in a town-hall meeting, that she is “exhausted” defending him.  She says the middle class is being destroyed by his policies. [Let us hope that there are millions more like this who are waking up to the phony choice between Left and the Right.] YouTube 2010 Sep 20

UK proposes that ALL employee pay be sent directly to the government so it can deduct taxes and then deposit what is left into employee bank accounts. [This would be one more step toward the ultimate goal of collectivists, which is a feudalist system in which the state becomes the employer, owner, and master of all citizens.] CNBC 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

US: The federal CDC releases a study claiming that vaccines with added mercury decrease the number of autism cases. This is contrary to the growing body of evidence that just the opposite is true. The research was conducted by parties with an interest in protecting vaccine use. This report explains how the data was skewed to produce this finding.
Age Of Autism
2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

Obama pulled funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, which is a blow to US nuclear power. No new plants have been built since 1979, and without adequate waste disposal, none are likely in the future.
[One more stab to the heart of the American economy by her leaders.]

2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

UN Proposes a world tax of .005% on all financial transactions – to combat poverty and global warming, of course. [If the tax is implemented, it will grow over time until it will be a giant, global sales tax that will further crush the middle class in all formerly prosperous nations.] Prison Planet 2010 Sep 19 (Cached)

California: Taxpayer advocate & whistleblower Richard Fine is released from prison after 18 months in coercive confinement. Many consider him a political prisoner because he sued LA County judges for accepting illegal payments and throwing cases in favor of the County. It is a mystery why the judge released him one day after saying he should remain imprisoned for 6 more months.
Full Disclosure Network
2010 Sep 19 (Cached)

UK: Scientists (under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry) recommend that women take low-dose Prozac “happy pills” to relieve PMS symptoms. [Impressive how clever Big Pharma is at creating new markets for its products. They will not stop until 100% of the population is on one or more prescription drugs for life.] Daily Mail 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

US: FDA is opposed to labels telling consumers which products are not genetically engineered because it will ‘confuse’ the consumer.
2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

AngloGold, Africa’s largest gold producer, is raising $1.37 billion to buy out its hedge contracts that require the selling of gold for less than market price. This is a huge expense to the company, but it expects to make it back plus much more by being free to sell its gold in the future at much higher prices than present. [These pros know what is ahead for the price of gold. It will go through the roof as national currencies fall through the floor.] Bloomberg Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

European law passes that will require medicinal herbs to be put through testing identical to that required for new drugs. Because of the great expense of such testing, coupled with the fact that anything from nature cannot be patented, most medicinal herbs will disappear from the market. [This is a great victory for Big Pharma.]
Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Agency employed an Israeli-based security firm to spy on activists who oppose the G-20, natural-gas drilling, and BP handling of the oil spill. InfoWars Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

The makers of high fructose corn syrup want to change its name to “corn sugar” because of its bad reputation. [Some medical authorities believe that corn syrup stimulates appetite and causes a craving for more of the syrup-containing food – nice for profits but not so nice for health. Further, cancer cells love corn syrup.] Mayer Eisenstein, MD Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

Gulf fishermen catch crabs soaked in oil (and possibly Corexit). Many of the crabs died before they could be processed. A biologist from the State Wildlife and Fisheries agreed to test the catch for oil and other toxicity but cancelled the appointment when he was told by his supervisor not to do it. YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 18

US: Reporter says a Blackwater subsidiary company was hired by Monsanto to infiltrate activist groups that opposed the company’s GMO program. AOLNews Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached) Monsanto says it was only interested in monitoring local media reports and public information. Monsanto Posted 2010 Sep 18


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Brace yourself before looking at this image! A pilot at low level has no control over his aircraft. It misses a crowd gathered for the air show and slams into four buildings. One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those buildings.
Posted 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

This parrot dances to the music of Ray Charles. Does the parrot parrot humans or do humans parrot parrots? YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 22


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Richard Fine (who many consider a political prisoner because he was imprisoned for 18 months in solitary confinement for claiming that LA County judges are being paid off) was released last week. In this video, he describes his darkest moments in prison and his views on judicial corruption.
2010 Sep 23

Good advice for packing a Bug-Out Bag in case of emergency – and much more.
2010 Sep 22 (Cached)

US: 9/11 remains shrouded with unanswered questions. Here is newly obtained evidence that there were explosions and deaths in WTC Building 7 before either of the Twin Towers collapsed. [That means the damage that brought down Building 7 was not from the collapse of the twins, which is the official version.] IntelHub 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

9/11 Ground-Zero Mosque and fanatic Koran-burning pastor hog headlines on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. [Questions are raised about the true character and motive of Hisham Elzanaty, an Egyptian-born businessman who says he provided financing for the buildings where the center would be built. The issue was given so much coverage in mainstream media that it deflected attention away from unanswered questions about 9/11 itself or lawsuits by First Responders.]
William Engdahl 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

Global land grab is underway in which multinational corporations and billionaire investors are buying up huge tracts of land in 3rd-World countries that have value for food production. Future control over food is expected to be more valuable than oil.
2010 Sep 12
Ironically, the UN World Bank and IMF force many countries to sell their land to multinational corporations to pay off debts. YouTube

the new bancor!!!!!!!!! New world DISorder

New IMF Strategy Document Charts Launch Of “Bancor” Global Currency

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Highlights “potential resistance” on road from “voluntary multilateral framework” to full blown global currency

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Aug 4th, 2010

IMF currencyA newly published IMF strategy document calls for the implementation of a global currency, called the “bancor”, to stabilise the international monetary system, while acknowledging that only a monumental shift toward acceptance of globalism will make it possible in the short term.

The IMF blueprint, authored by Reza Moghadam, director of the IMF’s strategy, policy and review department, has stayed under the radar for three months.

However, an article on the Financial Times blog alphaville, entitled IMF blueprint for a global currency – yes really, today highlights the document and the clear strategy of the global financial body.

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“…in the eyes of the IMF at least, the best way to ensure the stability of the international monetary system (post crisis) is actually by launching a global currency.” Izabella Kaminska notes.

“And that, the IMF says, is largely because sovereigns — as they stand — cannot be trusted to redistribute surplus reserves, or battle their deficits, themselves.”

A chart within the document, innocuously titled Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability (PDF link), presents a stepping stone system toward a fully fledged global currency:


Beginning with a vague recommendation for “voluntary policy adjustments” to be adopted by member states, the chart moves through more and more draconian economic policies toward a long term endgame of a global currency.

The chart also plots “potential resistance” to each stepping stone from sovereign states, with a spike in the short term, followed by a lull, and then a general rise as the move toward a global currency progresses over time.

The IMF’s road to a global currency hinges on a wider use of and eventual implementation of an international monetary system based on special drawing rights (SDR), the IMF’s synthetic paper currency.

Once an SDR-based system is in place, the IMF envisages just one final step to the launch of a new global currency.

The document even gives the global currency a name, the “bancor” after John Maynard Keynes’ proposed, but never implemented, World Currency Unit of clearing.

The following section of the IMF document highlights this:

48. From SDR to bancor. A limitation of the SDR as discussed previously is that it is not a currency. Both the SDR and SDR-denominated instruments need to be converted eventually to a national currency for most payments or interventions in foreign exchange markets, which adds to cumbersome use in transactions.

And though an SDR-based system would move away from a dominant national currency, the SDR’s value remains heavily linked to the conditions and performance of the major component countries. A more ambitious reform option would be to build on the previous ideas and develop, over time, a global currency. Called, for example, bancor in honor of Keynes, such a currency could be used as a medium of exchange—an “outside money” in contrast to the SDR which remains an “inside money”.

The document concludes that without a catalyst to create a sudden clamour for globalism, the implementation of a global currency will take time:

It is understood that some of the ideas discussed are unlikely to materialize in the foreseeable future absent a dramatic shift in appetite for international cooperation.

The IMF first touted the possibility of a new global currency in March of last year. The issue was then debated at the G20 Summit in London just days late

A clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders led to analysts describing the dawn of a “revolution in the global financial order.”

“We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,” The clause stated.

“In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph wrote at the time.

“The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity.” he added.

The same conclusion was drawn by the Washington Post’s Anthony Faiola, who described how the IMF is on course to be transformed into “a veritable United Nations for the global economy.”

The move has also been endorsed separately by the World Bank and the UN.

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has repeated the call for a global currency via SDR multiple times.

The introduction of a new global currency and taxation system, with an overarching regulatory body, is a key cornerstone in the move towards global government, centralized control and more power being concentrated into fewer unaccountable hands.

The IMF’s push toward this kind of system is part of the ongoing movement to empower a group of unelected central bankers with the authority to usurp state sovereignty by overseeing benchmarks for national financial governance and setting regulations for financial institutions all over the globe.

No more denial.

Globalists Plan to Dismantle Middle Class With UN Tax

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Paul Joseph Watson
Sunday, September 19, 2010


Globalists representing 60 nations will meet at the UN this coming week to push a tax on world financial transactions in the name of solving poverty and climate change, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government.

“Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes,” reports CNS News.

As Ira Stoll, editor of, points out, new taxes always start off small so as to not be resisted by the people forced to pay them, and are then always gradually increased.

“When people suggest taxes, they always start out ‘small,” said Stoll.

“But once the door is opened to the idea of ‘global taxes,’ you can bet they won’t end small. Never mind all the issues about whether development aid actually helps poor countries or just winds up empowering corrupt local dictators and their cronies.”

The call for a global transaction tax arrives in the aftermath of a leaked UN blueprint which outlined how elitists plan to re-brand global warming in an effort to dismantle the middle class by instituting a “global redistribution of wealth” via carbon taxes.

The aim is to “limit and redirect the aspirations for a better life of rising middle classes around the world,” in other words to reduce the standard of living for the middle classes in Western Europe and America.

However, as was uncovered during the Copenhagen summit, the program of “global redistribution of wealth” and transaction taxes largely centers around looting the wealth of the middle classes in richer countries and then using that money to bankroll the construction of world government. As the leaked “Danish text” revealed, the money generated from consumption taxes will go directly to the World Bank, not to developing countries to lower carbon emissions or alleviate poverty.

Under the terms of this proposal, poorer countries will not simply be handed the money pillaged from richer nations, instead they will be forced to accept “green loans” in the name of combating climate change, a policy that would land the already financially devastated third world with even more debt, payable to globalist institutions such as the IMF.

Even if you accept that global institutions who have proven to be completely corrupt time and time again should be empowered to steal from the rich and give to the poor, these proposals don’t even do that. This is all about bankrolling the expansion of world government and creating a giant slush fund that will be used to coerce smaller countries into allowing themselves to be ruled and regulated by a global bureaucracy funded by increasingly destitute taxpayers in the west.

We warned that globalists were embarking on a global financial transaction tax back in December when Lord Monckton obtained the draft proposals for the Copenhagen summit.

As Monckton revealed at the time, the end game is to, “Tax the American economy to the extent of 2 percent GDP, to impose a further tax of 2 percent on every financial transaction….and to close down effectively the economies of the west, transfer your jobs to third world countries.”

The tax, which was vehemently supported by President Obama in Copenhagen, will cost American families already laboring under the greatest financial collapse for generations at least $3,000 a year just for starters.

There can no longer be any denial that a world government is preparing to plunder the west by enforcing a myriad of different global consumption taxes, from financial levies to a carbon tax which will do absolutely nothing to address real environmental issues and will be used solely to expand the power of the World Bank, the IMF and the United Nations.

Allied to the global tax assault is the newly published IMF strategy document that calls for the implementation of a global currency, called the “bancor”, which will be pushed through by means of draconian regulatory measures that eviscerate sovereignty rights of nation states and hand complete economic control of the global economy over to a tiny and despotic ruling elite. The “bancor” will hand the IMF the power to manipulate exchange rates and determine the eventual collapse of the dollar.

Massive resistance must be focused around rejecting the institution of global taxes paid to the United Nations and the formation of a global currency otherwise the last tattered shreds of American sovereignty will be flushed down the toilet for good.

Alex Jones contributed to this article.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.