Tea party will sweep imcumbents

Infowars.com Poll Result: Tea Party Candidates Will Sweep Mid-terms

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May 25, 2010


By a wide margin Infowars.com readers believe Tea Party inspired candidates will displace Democrat and Republican incumbents come November.

The primary win of Rand Paul in Kentucky has energized the movement and sent a clear message to Washington. Paul won easily with 59 per cent of the vote compared to Trey Greyson’s 35 per cent. Rand Paul will face a Democrat in the November election.

Democrats are confident, however, that the establishment media smear campaign against Paul will derail the Tea Party effort to bring change to Washington.

Democrat and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the post-election controversy with Rand Paul and his comments about the Civil Rights Act shows that the Tea Party will flail come November elections.

  • he media is attempting to portray Paul as a racist for his comments that the federally-imposed Civil Rights Act violates property rights and is therefore unconstitutional.

“The Tea Party candidates are going to be more easy to beat in the general election” than Republicans such as Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, Rendell said, according to The Hill.

Tea Party activists are busy in other parts of the country. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of New Jersey heard a case brought by Tea party activists and conservatives hoping to oust New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez from his job, reports CNN. The activists cite Menendez’s votes for the recently passed health care law, and his support of government spending, as reasons to recall him.


One thought on “Tea party will sweep imcumbents

  1. While the Tea Party may not fair well in the elections themselves, they don’t have to win elections to be effective. Their movement makes Democrats and Republicans alike scared, and candidates in both parties will move right on their positions out of that fear. Elected officials on both sides of the isle, regardless of whether they are part of the tea party movement or not, will therefore fall more in line with the movement’s ideals.

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