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The news you will never hear about on mainstream media is all presented in this email i get from g. edward griffin. Great stuff.

General Motors says it has repaid its loan from American taxpayers, and Obama says that proves the bailout was a success. But wait! Now we learn that GM paid back the first bailout with money it received from a second bailout. None of it came from car sales so the whole thing is a con game to fool the public. Fox News 2010 Apr 22 (Cached)

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s defense team has filed a motion to subpoena Obama as a witness. Blagojevich is charged with trying to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat after he became President. Now he claims he can prove that Obama lied when he denied any knowledge of it.

CNN News
2010 Apr 22 (Cached)

IMF proposes a tax on banks to pay for regulation by the UN and to create a fund to bail them out when they fail.
[Such a tax would be passed on to bank customers, so it would be no different than present bailouts which are paid by taxpayers. The only change would be a new international banking structure and one step closer to the New World Order.]

Prison Planet
2010 Apr 22 (Cached)

Arizona may pass a law that will enable police to stop citizens at random and demand proof of US residence.

[This is a mixed bag. The benefit is the potential for deporting illegal aliens, but it is not a good idea to give government the right to search and detain people without probable cause or search warrants.] TimesOnline 2010 Apr 22 (Cached)

US: Study finds that radiation from CT scans causes 29,000 cases of cancer and 14,500 deaths each year. Natural News 2010 Apr 21 (Cached)

Climate scientist reveals that the UN models used to determine the effect of greenhouse gases on climate assume the earth is flat, that the sun shines all day and night with equal intensity, and that the temperature of the earth’s surface is constant. He says: “The currently promoted greenhouse theory is dead”. Climate Realists 2010 Apr 21 (Cached)

Marxist-Leninist group publishes “hit list” of 40 people who they say are “Right-Wing Extremists.” This group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, is considered by the federal government as a “go-to” source when compiling data on so-called domestic terrorism. Presidential candidates Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul are among those listed.

News With Views
2010 Apr 21 (Cached)

US: Watch TV news broadcasts following the Oklahoma City bombing describe the removal of two un-detonated bombs from inside the Murrah building. These broadcasts were never repeated, and no one knows what happened to the bombs. [The significance is that bombs were IN the building, the intent was to bring it to the ground, and the story was hushed up. Now think ahead to 9/11.] Brasscheck TV 2006 Apr 21

Hawaii is close to passing a law to block people from requesting Obama’s birth certificate. Meanwhile, pressure is mounting in Arizona to pass a law requiring Obama and any candidate for President to present his birth certificate.
[There is little reason to believe the Arizona legislation will be passed.]
USA Today 2010 Apr 21 (Cached)

UK: Spy satellite being tested for tracking the movement of automobiles and setting up speed traps from space. [The logical evolution of this will be license plates or ID numbers on the tops of all vehicles. It’s all for our protection, right?] Telegraph 2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

US: Forget 10% unemployment. Poll finds 54% of households have been impacted by job loss.

Business Insider
2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

US to release draft of a treaty that may force Internet Service Providers to shut down any web site that publishes material that might be said to violate copyright laws. Critics point out that this also would be one more tool to silence whistleblowers and dampen free speech.
Yahoo 2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

Study finds connection between ovarian cancer and consumption of processed meat. Those who eat at least 4 servings per week have an 18% higher risk. MSNBC 2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

Digital photocopiers commonly have built-in hard drives that record every scan, copy, and e-mail they process. These are retained unless special programs are purchased to erase them. If the machines are sold or scrapped, it is possible to access the drives and obtain all your images. Cryptogon 2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

Iceland reports record 34% inflation rate over past 2 years. Christian Science Monitor 2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

UN A lead author for the IPCC reports on global warming admits that it is riddled with fraud. He says: “Over the years, the IPCC has changed from a scientific institution that tries to be policy relevant to a political institution that pretends to be scientific.”
No Frakking Consensus 2010 Apr 19 (Cached)

Ashtabula, the largest county in Ohio, has had severe budget cuts to the Sheriff’s Department, causing law enforcement to be understaffed. A county judge tells residents to arm themselves so they can protect their own homes and families.
[Not a bad idea even without budget cuts.]
2010 Apr 19 (Cached)

US: Recent survey shows that nearly 80% of Americans distrust their government. [That is a healthy sign but, unfortunately, most of them still trust the leadership of the two major parties that produce the politicians who later earn their distrust. Education takes time.] Reuters 2010 Apr 19 (Cached)

English are the least patriotic people in Europe. They decline to celebrate St. George Day to avoid being called racist. Due to massive immigration and European influence, they now are reluctant to show pride in their national heritage. In 2008, nationalistic parades were banned and labeled “unhealthy and tribal”.
[Sadly, England has been fully absorbed into the EU.] Daily Mail 2010 Apr 19 (Cached)

Las Vegas casinos have been required for many years to monitor high-roller cash customers on behalf of the IRS. Now the government is telling night clubs and bars to do the same to protect us from drug dealers, of course.
Las Vegas Review Journal
2010 Apr 18 (Cached)

Polls show that a majority of Americans oppose big government, with 30% feeling threatened by it. Unfortunately, although they want less government in most things, they favor more regulation of the financial industry not realizing that, although government administers the regulations, the banks write them.
McClatchy 2010 Apr 18 (Cached)

Three-year investigation finds Chinese workers at Microsoft plant endure severe conditions – but not worse than at other manufacturing facilities in China. [This article has photos of workers napping at their work stations. The author implies that they have fallen asleep on the job due to exhaustion. That is not likely. Their supervisors would never allow that. This is a scheduled rest period. Nevertheless, the hours are long, the pay is low, and Chinese workers definitely are exploited.] Daily Mail 2010 Apr 18 (Cached)

US: Media is caught back-flipping a story about the Al-Qaeda chief in Iraq. First they reported he was captured and killed. Then they said he never actually existed. Now, they report he is captured and killed again.
[The reports of capture appear to be fabricated to create the image of success against terrorism.]
Prison Planet
2010 Apr 18 (Cached)

Surprise truth from mainstream media: In the wake of the recent Icelandic volcano eruption, local farmers are sheltering  livestock to prevent them from eating grass with volcanic ash on it because it contains fluoride. This article from the Associated Press says: “Fluoride causes long-term bone damage that makes teeth fall out and bones break.” [Fluoride is added to human water supplies because we are told it is safe and protects our teeth, but in Iceland it is very dangerous for cattle. Got it?] AP 2010 Apr 18 (Cached)

Chinese Communist government orders sterilization of 10,000 parents (men and women) who have violated the 1-child rule. Force is used where necessary for the greater good of society, of course.
TimesOnline 2010 Apr 17 (Cached)

Sheriff in 3rd largest county in Texas tells citizens to arm themselves because he can no longer provide protection for them against spillover violence in the border areas. Request for assistance from the federal government has been ignored.
Posted 2010 Apr 17 (Cached)

Rap song summarizes the Tea Party movement. [Don’t let the brief clips of Sarah Palin confuse you. Tea Parties are not and must not become a front for the Republican Party. The song’s message is excellent.] ResistNet.com Posted 2010 Apr 17

US: Dept of Justice abruptly reverses its attempt to access e-mails from Yahoo without a search warrant because the effort was drawing adverse public attention. [Expect a renewed effort once the issue cools down in the media.] CNET News Posted 2010 Apr 17 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: Congress and the Supreme Court know that President Obama is ineligible for office. Their inaction to do anything about it speaks volumes about the reality of modern government.
Canada Free Press
2010 Apr 20 (Cached)

The internet is under attack from multiple government agencies wishing to expand their power. Here is an excellent overview.
InfoWars 2010 Apr 19 (Cached)

Invisible Empire, a new documentary by Jason Bermas (producer of Loose Change), covers every conceivable aspect of the New World Order. Very powerful. YouTube 2010 Apr 11

See how Monsanto is claiming a patent on pigs (your read that right) and is seeking a monopoly on the world’s food supply. There are serious questions about the effect of their genetic engineering on human health. YouTube Posted 2010 April 3

A short, well-produced video that explains in an entertaining way the two major economic theories in the world: Austrian Economics vs. Keynesianism. YouTube Posted 2010 Apr 3

US: An excellent summary of all the legislation being introduced in the states to implement the 10th Amendment, assert state sovereignty, and nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government.
10th Amendment Center Posted 2010 April 2 (Cached)


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