Unfiltered news for the week – G. Edward Griffin

US: Securities Exchange Commission has filed fraud charges against Goldman Sachs because the firm bet against the very financial instruments they sold to their customers, thus profiting on the housing crash while their customers lost billions. [This smells fishy. Hedging one’s own portfolio is a common and prudent practice to reduce risk. Goldman could be charged with MUCH more serious crimes, and our suspicion is that their friends in the SEC are going through the motions of calling the firm to task merely to satisfy irate investors but choosing a powder-puff issue that is designed either to fail or result in only minor penalties, while the greater scandal is swept under the rug. We shall see.]
NY Times
2010 Apr 16 (Cached)

Britain’s skyrocketing use of stop-and-search laws, supposedly to fight terrorism, has not produced measurable results except as massive infringement of civil rights.
Daily Mail 2010 Apr 16 (Cached)

Obama prepares to introduce an initiative to nationalize massive amounts of additional land, including rivers and forests to preserve nature, of course. This will be launched at a conference with over 600 groups comprised of state and local governments, NGOs, and corporate interests, all of which will benefit from the plan. [This is the latest push to implement the UN’s Agenda 21 goal of removing humans from 50% of the landscape and herding them into cities where they can more easily be controlled.] Washington Post 2010 Apr 16 (Cached)

US Senate is considering a law to allow the military to seize control of the Internet and all personal computers on the theory that they might be used by terrorists to attack American infrastructure, such as power grids. [There is no limit to the rationale of supposedly fighting terrorism.] Yahoo News 2010 Apr 15 (Cached)

US: Tax Day Tea Partiers descend on Washington to organize for congressional elections in November. Republican politicians dominated the event, hoping to convert the movement into a front for their campaigns and to keep protestors from wandering outside the two-party system. Reuters 2010 Apr 15 (Cached)

Two farmers win law suit against Bayer Chemical for contamination of their crops by genetically engineered rice that is not approved for human consumption. The rice has contaminated over 30% of America’s cropland, and Bayer is being sued by more than 1000 farmers in similar suits.
[That may be good for the farmers but will not help the millions of consumers who, unknowingly, will eat the rice.]
Natural News
2010 Apr 15 (Cached)

US: Home foreclosure surge with biggest jump in 5 years, and analysts expect the trend to accelerate.
[Don’t worry, according to the mainstream media, we are in full recovery] Yahoo 2010 Apr 15 (Cached)

US: Ron Paul asks Fed Chairman Bernanke where the money will come from to bail out Greece and other countries or possibly to bail out states such as California. Bernanke evades the question, but Paul makes it clear that it will be created out of nothing and will be paid by taxpayers through inflation. YouTube 2010 Apr 14 (Cached)

Arizona bill requires documentation of US citizenship or passport to be carried at all times. Anyone suspected of being illegal is subject to questioning one of the strongest immigration-enforcement laws in the nation.

Wall Street Journal
2010 Apr 14 (Cached)

World Health Organization is still insisting that we are in a Phase-6 (highest level) pandemic for swine flu. The Phase-6 designation is what Western governments used to justify massive purchases of vaccines. The annual death toll from seasonal flu is 50,000. By comparison, the death toll from swine flu has been 17,700 and many of those likely were from seasonal flu or other causes. [The word corruption is inadequate.] Reuters 2010 Apr 14 (Cached)

Richard Fine, a political prisoner held in Los Angeles County jail for over a year without trial or even charges against him, is interviewed on video from jail. Fine exposed massive corruption within the county, including judges and the Sheriff. Mainstream media still has not carried this story. InfoWars 2010 Apr 14 (Cached)

Review of UN report on global warming uncovers 5,600 non-peer-reviewed references. The UN has claimed that 100% of it was peer-reviewed scientific material, and all other sources should be ignored. [The UN’s alleged scientific panel now is exposed as simply a political front group quoting press releases, magazine clippings, student theses, and green advocacy literature and passing them off as science.] NoConsensus.org 2010 Apr 14 (Cached)

Federal audit reveals that beef is being sold in the US that is rejected by Mexico because it is tainted with pesticides, veterinary antibiotics, and heavy metals. FDA has failed to act.
USA Today
2010 Apr 13 (Cached)

US: Real income falls 3.2% during Obama’s term despite [or is it because of] trillions of dollars of wealth re-distribution called stimulus funding.
The Washington Times
2010 Apr 13 (Cached)

An optician, suffering from age-related blindness (AMD), cures himself with marigold extract.
Natural News
2010 Apr 13 (Cached)

US: Cheering sports fan in Maryland is beaten and knocked unconscious by police officers who say he attacked them; but video clearly refutes that. One officer is suspended and several others may be fired. Channel 8 News 2010 Apr 13 (Cached)

Leaked document reveals US government strategy to obtain passage of Copenhagen climate treaty at the next international meeting in Cancun in November. The plan includes managing media coverage and forcing a consensus that the entire agreement must be passed with no deletions. Guardian 2010 Apr 12 (Cached)

US: A survey of active-duty troops shows they are abandoning the right/left paradigm. The percentage of Republicans has decreased by one-third since 2004, from 60 to 41% percent but, instead of flocking to the Democrat Party, the the number of Independents has nearly doubled to 32%.
Navy Times 2010 Apr 12 (Cached)

US: Collectivists plan to infiltrate Tea Party rallies and make the movement appear “racist, homophobic, and moronic”.  Genuine Tea Party supporters say the opposition is reduced to such tactics because their is no debate against the government’s monetary and tax policies.
Yahoo News
2010 Apr 12 (Cached)

Study finds that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease can be sharply reduced by a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, poultry and certain fruits and vegetables.
Yahoo News
2010 Apr 12 (Cached)

US: CNN’s Anderson Cooper says that soldiers fighting on the side of the South in the American Civil Way were terrorists of their day because they fought to defend slavery. [The real issue, however, was, not slavery, but the right to secede in the face of economic oppression by Northern states.
See chapter 18, Creature from Jekyll Island for details.]
2010 Apr 11 (Cached)

US: NBC admits using subliminal technique called “behavior placement” on popular TV shows to encourage viewers to have politically correct responses.
The Week Posted 2010 Apr 9 (Cached)

The Bilderberg group will hold its annual meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain. As usual, the agenda is a well guarded secret, but the purpose will be to hasten the building of The New World Order based on the model of collectivism.
American Free Press
Posted 2010 Apr 10 (Cached)

New evidence that chemtrails are caused by a secret geo-engineering project, allegedly to slow global warming. Consequences are deadly even in wilderness areas such as Mt. Shasta where toxic aluminum levels are 6000% higher than safe for humans. Changing Ph levels in streams is killing off fish and frogs. YouTube Posted 2010 Apr 9


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

See how Monsanto is claiming a patent on pigs (your read that right) and is seeking a monopoly on the world’s food supply. There are serious questions about the effect of their genetic engineering on human health. YouTube Posted 2010 April 3

A short, well-produced video that explains in an entertaining way the two major economic theories in the world: Austrian Economics vs. Keynesianism. YouTube Posted 2010 Apr 3

US: An excellent summary of all the legislation being introduced in the states to implement the 10th Amendment, assert state sovereignty, and nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government.
10th Amendment Center Posted 2010 April 2 (Cached)

US: Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation (WTP), discusses the First Amendment regarding the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Fox News 2010 Mar 30

Learn how “Smart Grid” programs for control of energy consumption are a rebirth of an old blueprint for collectivism called “Technocracy”. This is what is planned for you in the near future.
August Review
Posted 2010 Mar 27 (Cached)


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2010 Apr 15 from Stan Birkinshaw
Hello Ed,
I would like to share some recent, and somewhat humorous experiences that may be of interest to some of our readers. I’m from the UK and, since becoming a naturalized US citizen in April 2008, I’ve been researching the backgrounds of the various Presidential candidates that were running for office. I’ve also been attending some local political meetings in the area to experience actual contact in the political arena with real people. I was even invited to become a Hillsborough County Executive Committee member.

It has been interesting to observe the activities of ‘grass roots’ politicians running for various local offices. On one occasion I asked one of them if they were a member of the CFR or Trilateral Commission, he said no he was not a member, but would be happy to speak at any upcoming CFR or Trilateral events! And he is running against Harry Reed, and he was not aware of what the CFR was!

I asked another candidate if he thought we should impeach Obama for multiple violations of the “Constitution” and arrest his illegally hired (progressive) czars and advisors….  From their responses it is clear that politics is not something I should consider as a future career!

There is general agreement that corruption and greed permeate Washington and Wall St…..but a discernable lack of response at the mention of behind the scenes activity, or the suggestion of a government behind the government. They either do not accept, or refuse to accept it, or, they do not know how to deal with it, or they suspect something but will not admit it, or, bury their heads in the sand and hope it will go away..or, all of the above!

Since I am new citizen and a novice politician (I do not even like politics) it is obvious that I need to learn some kind of strategy in approaching these various pundits & politicians. I try to make it clear that, in view of the pathetic display of leadership at the recent Obamacare bi-partisan debate, I have little, or, no reason to trust politicians, or anyone I know nothing about, let alone volunteer or donate to their campaign! When I ask them what makes them think things will change if the Republicans get back in, they are visibly surprised and non-plussed. “Well, as a Brit, you would probably not be as familiar with the structure & protocol of American politics as a seasoned elected official.” Corruption and greed have the same definition in the UK, in fact that’s where it came from!

I have discovered several other entities during the course of my research with similar goals to Freedom Force International, such as Liberty Council, August Review, Campaign For Liberty, FairTax.org, Personal Liberty Digest and so on. The comments from the MANY disgruntled citizens on these various websites share the same anger and frustration over our ‘gangster-style’ government. The question most frequently asked is; “Why can we not merge, or bridge these organizations into a cohesive force? My own response, for what it is worth is; different agendas, conflicting ideologies & viewpoints, egos & leadership disputes, and mistrust with revenue distribution issues… to name a few. Ideally we would need to form a government outside of the government…….any suggestions anyone?

Stan, Freedom Force is precisely that: perhaps not a government but a guiding force outside of government. The issue of trying to get all organizations together into a meaningful coalition has been plaguing the freedom movement for as long as I can recall, going back to the 1960s. I have dealt with this at length on the Freedom Force web site, but the short version is explained in the following two paragraphs taken from the longer analysis:

Many pro-freedom groups try to appeal directly to the masses. They design projects and slogans to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. They seek to attain a critical mass that is so large it will succeed on the basis of numbers alone. This approach is doomed, because there is far too much diversity of interest and awareness among the people to expect a critical mass on any single issue.

Our approach is different. It is the approach of our collectivist opponents. We recognize that the general population is not homogenous. It is made up of a thousand sub-groups, each with its own unique interest, life style, educational level, age group, values, theology, language, and culture. A single organization cannot provide meaningful leadership for all of these. However, it is entirely possible for a single organization to have its members become influential in the many groups within this diversity. In this way, even though each of the separate organizations maintains its unique qualities and narrow purpose, gradually they can become unified at the leadership level behind basic principles and long-term goals. Each organization, in its own way and following its own unique style, will become synchronized with the others. Everything they do will be consistent with the Creed and the Three Commandments of Freedom. When this happens, the diversity of these organizations becomes a strength, not a weakness. When they share a common ideological orientation among their leaders, critical mass will happen.

To read the longer analysis of this issue, click here.


Posted 2010 Apr 15 from Sylvester Necius
Mr G. Edward Griffin, your point of view regarding the health system scares like hell a lot of people, including me. I think we should be more flexible on these questions. I agree that collectivism is pure evil; but, in health care, it works not perfectly but significantly better than in an individualistic system. Just check out the statistics: how long people live in US and in other countries? In poor Cuba, people live longer.

But a collectivistic health system has serious problems, too. People complain less because everybody gets the same sh**, and collectivist systems always lag behind in advanced technological development, whereas the US is number 1, without doubt. In spite of that, individuals live longer in other countries.

Freedom of choice in a monetary system means freedom of greed. Mind manipulation on TV makes us buy products which are unhealthy, addictive, but free to choose. This would never exist if there was no profit in it. It’s actually the same as drugs. Difference is just on degree of toxicity and dependence. An individualistic system would be paradise for drug dealers who just love the idea of freedom of choice. I don’t like this fundamentality of individualism.

Thanks, Sylvester, for your comments. I certainly agree with much of what you say but I have a different view on two issues.

(1) It is true that published statistics from the UN show a higher longevity in other countries than in the US, which has a higher level of health-care technology. That, however, does not prove that health care is better in those countries. There are numerous other explanations.

First, the statistics from some countries do not include infant deaths and early-child deaths, as is the case with US statistics. If they did, their longevity averages would be significantly lower. Second, the typical American diet is atrocious, and there is no amount of technology that can overcome that. Bad nutrition equals shorter life. Third, Americans typically do not exercise as much as people do in countries where life-span is longer. Physical fitness promotes longer life. Fourth, it is an error to equate higher medical technology to better health care. Up to a point that may be true but, when it includes massive medication, needless surgeries, and so-called “routine” x-rays, the technology actually causes a reduction of life-span. Finally, longevity is not the best measure of health. The quality of life, in my view, is just as important as the length of life. Those who are kept barely alive on life-support devices or whose minds have been blurred by medication may be included in statistics that show improved longevity, but that is not a realistic measurement of national health.

(2) Greed and mind manipulation on TV is not a by-product of freedom-of-choice within an individualistic society. It can be found in any system, but especially the collectivist system in which we now live. In fact, if you consider the new-health care system promoted by the Obama Administration, recall that the pharmaceutical companies spent millions of dollars to sponsor TV ads promoting the bill and additional millions to lobby Congress into passing the bill. Now that the legislation has been published, we can see why: A huge chunk of the funding will go to the pharmaceutical companies to pay for drugs purchased on a non-competitive basis, which means incredibly high profits.

The concept that government-run enterprises somehow eliminate profits is naive. Open competition in a truly free market without government intervention always will produce the best goods and services at the lowest cost; but, once politicians get into it – in the name of protecting the people – the market place suddenly is up for sale to the highest bidder. Whoever has the money to purchase the loyalties of Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents will gain a virtual monopoly over the entire market, and the common man will have no option but to accept inferior service and pay bloated prices through taxes and inflation.

Sylvester, the negative traits you describe as the fundamentality of individualism actually are the fundamentality of collectivism. We have been living in a collectivist system for the past 80 years – or more. Look around you. All the things that you and I detest are the fruits of collectivism. It’s time for a real change.


Posted 2010 Apr 15 from Ken Matesz
I am writing because I have taken one of the biggest leaps of my life. As G. Edward Griffin suggests in his “An Idea Whose Time Has Come” presentation, I have decided it’s time a Freedom Force supporter runs for a major office in the State of Ohio. I plan to live up to The Creed of Freedom if elected to the seat of Governor.

I am writing to seek your help in whatever way is possible to aid my candidacy. You can see my website at www.mateszforohio.com. As a third-party candidate, I will have no establishment money or organization behind me, yet I know I have to offer what our great state needs the most – more freedom. I am actively campaigning as a non-politician who is running for one term only, then will return to my private life and business after serving my state.

I am asking you for every kind of support that may be possible: We need financial support to reach more Ohioans. We also need publicity itself, which you may be able to provide through your newsletters and freedom Force community. And we need volunteers ready to be “on the ground” messengers to Ohioans about an alternative candidate who means business.

Please consider helping any way you can.
Ken Matesz, kmatesz@gmail.com (419) 825.3031


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