They want you to read THEIR news, its getting that bad.

Google CEO and Obama Activist Wants Machines to Pick News

Kurt Nimmo
April 12, 2010

ny times
Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants Google’s machines to select what news you read on its website.

Drudge reports this morning that Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants Google’s machines to select what news you read on its website.

“News sites should use technology to predict what a user wants to read by what they have already read, Schmidt told the American Society of News Editors, where a few humans still remained in the audience,” writes Drudge.

Schmidt wants to be challenged through technology that “directs readers” to a story with an “opposing” view.

Schmidt is a staunch Obama partisan. In 2008, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, he took the stage and said the internet gave Obama the ability to bypass traditional media and claim the Democratic nomination. “I’m doing this personally,” Schmidt said. “Google is officially neutral.

In December of last year, Obama personally selected Schmidt to be his cybersecurity coordinator. Schmidt was a cyber-adviser in the Bush administration.

In January 2006, Google confirmed its intent to filter keywords given to it by the government of the China. The restrictions apply to thousands of terms and websites. Chinese internet users have been critical of Google for assisting the Chinese government in repressing its own citizens, particularly those dissenting against the government and advocating for human rights.

Schmidt’s plan to “direct readers” to news through technology strikes Drudge as odd. “An odd suggestion from the CEO of a company long accused of offering little to no conservative-leaning links on its news page, while aggressively promoting left-leaning hubs,” the popular web portal opines


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