Canada: Pfizer found guilty of fraud for promoting an epilepsy drug as a treatment for pain, migraines, and bi-polar disorder. Execs will go unpunished, while the $142M fine will be paid by shareholders. [The laws should be changed to prevent corporate managers from escaping personal responsibility for their acts.] CBC News 2010 Mar 26 (Cached)

Cuban Communist leader Fidel Castro salutes Obama’s healthcare bill. [Any questions?]
Earth Times
2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

US: Poll shows that majority of voters oppose the new health care bill.
[So why was it rammed through Congress? Answer: Congress serves hidden interests, not the will of the people.] Rasmussen Reports 2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

Google moves from mainland China to Hong Kong in a conflict over Chinese censorship and hacking into dissidents’ e-mail accounts. GoDaddy, the world’s largest Internet domain-name seller, and Dell are considering moving out of China, too. Yahoo News 2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

Scotland Yard asks Internet cafe owners to snoop in their customer’s hard drives to fight terrorism, of course. Yahoo News 2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

UK: School stages a fake shooting death of teacher, causing mass panic and traumatizing children. [Supposedly was an exercise to show how eye witnesses can be fooled but could have been to demonize handguns.] Daily Mail 2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

New technology is available to governments and criminals that can access Internet encrypted data without leaving a trace. That includes financial transactions and private communications. This technology already is used in China to target political dissidents. [Rest of the world next?]
2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

It long has been known that waterways are polluted by pharmaceutical drugs that are discarded or excreted by humans. A new study shows that showers and baths
are an additional source of pollution because they pick up the residue from hormone creams, antiseptics, patches, and other topical medications that remain on the skin. Businessweek 2010 Mar 25 (Cached)

US: Judge Napolitano explains what to do about healthcare bill:  “vote the bums out”, states refuse to comply, return selection of US senators to the states, abolish the income tax, and states threaten to amend the Constitution. We published this previously but it bears repeating over and over. YouTube Posted 2010 Mar 25

US: Aviation security to adopt Israeli protocols, because they involve “more engagement with passengers.” That means interrogation, examination of computer hard drives, cell-phone directories, and personal papers. Ynet 2010 Mar 24 (Cached)

The UN now admits that its claims regarding meat consumption and global warming were exaggerated as a result of manipulated statistics. [This is just one more item in a long list of UN fraud to promote the myth of global warming.] Telegraph 2010 Mar 24 (Cached)

US: 4-year-old mystery of disappearing honeybees may be solved. New studies show that the die-off of bees coincides with a rise in pesticide residue in bee pollen. That means the toxins are being absorbed by the bees. About 1/3 of the human diet is from plants that require pollination. If bee colonies continue to decline, the world’s food supply is doomed. [Manufacturers will insist that their chemicals are not responsible.] Yahoo News 2010 Mar 24 (Cached)

An “independent investigator” of the Climategate scandal failed to disclose that he is the director of an environmental network that supports the myth of global warming. [No surprises here, as the University of East Anglia selected its own investigators just like with government scandals.] The Register 2010 Mar 24 (Cached)

Senator Jim DeMint (SC) has introduced legislation to repeal Obamacare. It has little chance of passing, because Obama would veto. However, the 2010 midterm elections are approaching and this issue will be hot at that time.
USA Today 2010 Mar 23 (Cached)
In 2 1/2 minutes, an Australian psychiatrist explains the hoax within psychiatry. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. CCHR 2009 Oct 23 (Cached)

US: Man who was key planner of Mumbai attacks is now protected by FBI from being questioned about his possible links to US intelligence agencies. He is also protected from being expedited to India where he could be questioned and prosecuted for mass murder. [If you don’t understand this, ask any grade-school student to explain.] Asia Times 2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

US: Healthcare legislation can exempt key government employees from purchasing health coverage. Many of them were the very people who helped draft the legislation. Politico 2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

France: Sarkozy’s ruling party suffers stunning defeats in regional elections because of its plan for a carbon tax. Now the tax is scrapped, but collectivist politicians have not given up. Their new tactic is to bypass French voters and have the tax imposed by the EU, instead. Voters have no control over the EU.
Businessweek 2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

The use of antibiotics prior to and during pregnancy is linked to the rise in birth defects.
Natural News
2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

Rotarix vaccine was accidentally contaminated with a pig virus. 1 million children in the US and up to 30 million people worldwide have been injected. The manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline says the virus is not harmful. If it were, would they say so?
2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

US: 15 new taxes contained in the healthcare bill. Business Insider 2010 Mar 22 (Cached)

US: 37 states are filing suits against the federal government over the healthcare bill, saying it is un-Constitutional. The Attorney General for Virginia states: “At no time in our history has the [federal] government mandated its citizens buy a good or a service. Just being alive is not interstate commerce.” Prison Planet 2010 Mar 22 (Cached)

US: Appellate court rules that Federal Reserve, although a private cartel, must disclose where it spent $2 billion of taxpayers’ money to bailout the financial industry. The Fed is expected to appeal to the Supreme Court. New American 2010 Mar 21 (Cached)

Russia: Thousands flood the streets in “Day of Wrath” to demand the resignation of Putin. Their complaints are higher taxes and a falling standard of living despite Russia’s economic windfall from oil. Unfortunately, after 90 years of life under collectivism, they are more focused on money than freedom. Guardian 2010 Mar 21 (Cached)

The use of home insecticides is linked to autoimmune disorders among women.
Natural News
2010 Mar 21 (Cached)

Australia stockpiles H1N1 flu vaccines for its population of 21 million for next year, despite only 191 deaths resulting from the “pandemic” this year – and it’s possible that many of those really were from seasonal flu. The financial bond between Big Pharma and Big Government is strong.
2010 Mar 21 (Cached)

US: Analysis of health care plan finds that thousands of additional IRS “bounty hunters” will be hired to enforce the purchase of “government approved” healthcare.
Canada Free Press
2010 Mar 21 (Cached)

Expert on vaccine additives and preservatives explains why aluminum commonly used in vaccines may be even more toxic than Thimerosal (mercury). Mercola 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)
The World Wildlife Fund offers itself as a broker to sell carbon credits based on the vast amount of CO2 locked up in the Amazon rainforest. These credits will be sold to manufacturers so they can continue to release pollutants. The result is no improvement for the environment but $60 billion to the WWF. Environmentalism is a very good business.
2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

US: On 7th anniversary of invasion of Iraq, thousands protest at the White House calling for an end to Middle East wars. Speakers point out that Obama has broken his campaign promises and has continued the policies of the Bush Administration that he condemned. Comcast News 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

Lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against Obama for secret deals in the healthcare bill that will benefit Big Pharma and other special-interest groups. The suit is based on The Federal Advisory Committee Act, which was used successful against Hillary’s healthcare program in the 90’s, when she was caught lying, and also against Cheney’s Energy Task Force, when it was discovered that he and the energy companies had divided up oil fields in Iraq before it was invaded. MSNBC TV 2010 Posted Mar 20 (Cached)

US Justice Department and 7 State Attorneys-General are investigating Monsanto for a monopoly on seeds and for offering payoffs to distributors to limit the sale of rival seeds.
[That’s a good first step, but the greater crime is damage done to the food supply and human health by genetically engineered crops. If Monsanto is found guilty of breaking anti-trust laws, it simply will pay a fine and continue forward. If guilty of destroying natural food and human life, it should be put out of business and its managers imprisoned for life. Unfortunately, the Justice Department will look at the minor issue but ignore the major one.] FriendsEat.com Posted 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

US: Jesse Ventura, who is admired by many for exposing modern conspiracies, reveals his belief in collectivism when he speaks in favor of government healthcare. Now we know why Fox News has put him on TV and is attempting to turn him into a celebrity icon for the freedom movement.
Posted 2010 Mar 20

US: 17% of military troops are given psychiatric drugs, even in combat zones. These drugs can impair reaction time and increase the risk for suicide. [It is no coincidence that suicides among military personnel are at an all-time high.] Army Times Posted 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

New Jersey Tea Party launches a movement to recall US Senator Menendez for violating the Constitution. A state appeals court has ruled in favor of the Tea Party’s right to proceed because New Jersey has a constitutional amendment allowing for recall of elected officials, including US Senators. So now. Menendez must argue in court that the state’s constitutional amendment is in violation of the federal constitution. Once again, the issue is one of state sovereignty and state’s rights.
Posted 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

Obama Administration was caught funneling $6.4 bilion in stimulus money to 440 Congressional districts across the country that do not exist. The explanation was that it was a clerical error. The White House website, Recovery.org, now lists the phantom districts as “unassigned”. There has been no accounting of the $6.4 billion.
American Policy Center
Posted 2010 Mar 20 (Cached)

US: 9/11 Truthers gather at Treason in America Conference. ABC reporter tries to paint them as a hate group that encourages violence.
Posted 2010 Mar 20


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: An excellent explanation of the coming HYPERinflation  explained in a conversational and entertaining manner. If you are wondering what may lie ahead, the answer is here.

Backwoods Home Magazine
2010 Mar 23 (Cached)

US: Katherine Albrecht, co-author of “Spy Chips”, joins Gary Franchi on the Reality Report to discuss the latest on Real ID and RFID technology to track people worldwide. This is a highly recommended update. YouTube Posted 2010 Mar 20

US: Here is the latest AND ACCURATE news on S.510 and S.3002, falsely labeled as the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, which are legislative attacks on natural health by Senators John McCain and Byron Dorgan.
NHF 2010 Mar 17 (Cached)

Mexico & US War on Drugs is a failure that has resulted in massive violence. Marijuana prohibition raises its price, and the profits are the main cause of cartel wars in Mexico. California has legalized medical marijuana, and now there is an initiative to tax it, which would once again increase its price. Politicians never get it right. Huffington Post 2010 Mar 15 (Cached)

US: Judge Napolitano and Professor Walter Williams discuss the upcoming census and your right NOT to answer personal questions.
Posted 2010 Mar 13

Jerry Day reveals the questions that will be asked by census workers and explains why they are not Constitutional. Matrix News Posted 2010 Feb 11


Send comments to gedward.griffin@verizon.net.
Although we are unable to engage in correspondence, we deeply appreciate your contribution. Comments under 300 words receive preference. Our policy is to decline to publish insults or ad hominem attacks against other readers or which use derogatory terms to describe them. Please just stick to facts and opinions that stand on their own. Likewise, anyone is welcome to express their religious views but not to criticize the views of others. Our mission is to unify our brother-hood of freedom fighters, not to divide them. Thank you.

2010 Mar 24 from Rob Muchnick
Dear Mr. Griffin,
I read recently The Creature From Jekyll Island, and it was a wild ride. I actually agreed with all of your premises prior to reading the book, but it reinforced my beliefs and shed light on many details.

On your website, in the section about the symbol, you state that you agree with all of Ron Paul’s ideas about war. In January of 09, Ron Paul stated in a video that he made, that Israel entering Gaza was a sad day for the world because it was a victory for “pre-emptive war”. Then he further stated that Israel had placed the Palestinians [sic] in a “virtual concentration camp” in Gaza.

Now, I am opposed to the Israeli leadership, as it is in bed with the globalists, and I am trying to bring real leadership to Israel. I was carried off a roof in Gaza in 2005 in protest of Ariel Sharon’s Expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes for the crime of being Jewish. But Ron Paul missed one fact: The Arabs in Gaza had fired approximately 9,000 rockets into Israel during the 8 years prior to Israel militarily entering Gaza last January. These rockets brought with them the deaths and maimings that artillery bring, of course. And the only reaction by Israel was to high tail it out of Gaza in 05, which didn’t stop any of the missiles/rockets. Do you agree with Mr. Paul that this was a pre-emptive war, and that Israel was wrong? And that Israel had put the Arabs in a concentration camp?

I was actually against Israel’s incursion last year into Gaza because I knew that the IDF would just go in for a few days, do nothing, and then leave, and surely soldiers would die for nothing. I wanted Israel to go in and actually win and re-take Gaza (which is in the Land of Israel as delineated in numerous places in the Torah) and settle it thoroughly with Jews. To me, the only choices for Mr. Paul’s words are that he is either completely ignorant about Israel, or that he’s an anti-Semite. Of course, it could be both. What do you think? As someone I greatly respect because of your work, I look forward to your response.

Hello Rob.
This will have to be brief, but my honest answer is that, like many people depending on the mainstream media for news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I really don’t know what to believe. I smell the strong stench of propaganda coming from both sides, but that is not sufficient to form an opinion about the question you ask.

Incidentally, I believe that pre-emptive strikes ARE justified IF the information of an imminent strike from an enemy is accurate. If we knew for sure that a group or nation really was going to attack us, it would be stupid to sit idly by and wait for the blow before we take action. If I knew for certain that an intruder in my home was intending to murder my family and me, I would do everything I could to overpower him first without waiting for him to take the final action. The problem is that, in modern times, the claim of imminent danger from a national enemy seldom has been true. More often than not, it has been merely propaganda to justify what was planned all along as an aggressive first strike. To what extent this ploy is being used in the current conflict is unclear to me; hence, I am unable to give you the answer you seek. In time, however, the facts themselves will determine my ultimate position. Thanks for writing.


Posted 010 Mar 21 from Dasa Vinayaga
Dear Ed:
Let us be clear. Our capitalistic system is working just as it should. Consider three of its basic principles: 1. Buyer beware 2. All the market can bear 3. Profit motive. We learned these from grade school on. We honor them and those who master them. How the wealthy got all that money is not an issue. We do not ask if they are using it for the benefit of others. Nor is their character or behavior of any particular importance.

Please note that these three fundamentals of capitalism have not a trace of morality, ethics or humanity in them. They are a perfect expression of predatory philosophy. Therefore, we should not whine when our capitalistic system does exactly what it is designed to do: extract as much profit from the willing and unsuspecting, the unsophisticated and uneducated, the easily manipulated, etc.

Capitalism is amoral. That is why we are constantly trying to find ways to regulate and control it, but never succeed. It is why we are OK with profiting from illness and misfortune, addictive additives and stimulants in our foods and beverages, usury, false and deceptive advertising and the creation of exotic financial paper that produces nothing and defrauds the entire planet, to name a few. We have accepted a predatory philosophy as our economic way of life. All our protests and attempts to reign it in are insincere and cosmetic, like the addict blustering about swearing off his habit. The entire financial and economic structure must be replaced with one that recognizes us as beings of compassion and responsibility.

Even in the jungle there is a natural balance between predator and prey. In capitalism, there are no limits. We are free to consume ourselves (including our future offspring), and our planet so that unlimited and unconscionable profits may be accrued by the few. This process became alarmingly obvious in 2008. We do not have the natural sense of balance of the natural world. We are destroying our very species in the mindless pursuit of profit. Reflect, brothers and sisters. There is nothing noble or admirable in the capitalistic system we have created. It isn’t even sensible. Let us create something better.

Hello Dasa.

I regret that I do not have time to craft the kind of quality response your letter deserves, but the essence of what I would try to say is that your definition of capitalism is unique and not at all universally accepted. In fact, you have not defined capitalism at all. You merely have ascribed to it three rather ugly human traits. Those traits can be found with equal ease in any economic system, including socialism, communism, fascism, and any other variant of collectivism. Those who advocate these so-called social-uplift systems, once they get their hands on the power of the state, quickly abandon their lofty ideals and become the epitome of greed and ruthlessness.

Capitalism is defined as a system in which property and the means of production are in private hands as opposed to being in the hands of those who represent the state; but that is a mythical distinction in the real world. Ownership is meaningless. Control is what is important. In a free society, citizens who create the means of production are the ones who own it and, therefore, control it. In a collectivist system, politicians and the rulers are the ones who control it even though they do not own it. Dictators like Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin and Mao have lived like emperors because they control the wealth and means of production. Under a collectivist system, the people are told that they own it, but that is a nonsensical fairy tale to keep them content with the fact that they own nothing – not even their own lives.

The problem with trying to pin the trait of greed exclusively on capitalism is that the word capitalism is incomplete by itself. The question is: what KIND of capitalism? There are two kinds: COMPETITIVE capitalism and MONOPOLY capitalism. Competitive capitalism is what made America great and produced one of the highest levels of personal freedom and prosperity the world has ever seen. But, ever since the Wilson Administration, America has evolved into monopoly capitalism in which competition has been replaced by government regulation and favoritism for wealthy corporate lobbyists. You are calling for an end to capitalism, but competitive capitalism has been dead in America for over 100 years.

We would be a lot better off to dump such words as capitalism, socialism, fascism, and so forth and get right to the heart of the matter, which is that all these corrupted systems are merely variants of collectivism. All the ills you mention are nourished by collectivism. What the world needs now is an awakening to this reality and a return to the principles of individualism that were enshrined in the American Constitution. Thanks for writing – and thanks for caring.


2010 Mar 20 from the Internet
Click here to read article.


2010 Mar 20 from Ryan Underwood
I find it more than a little curious that a police officer, whose salary is paid out of tax money, is so concerned about where “his” taxes go. If I were to complain that “my” tax money were going to ineffective, brutal police who have never saved me from harm and who harass me repeatedly to collect revenue as I go about my daily business, he would certainly defend his entitlement to my taxes. And yet, I am no more willing to be forced to pay for his salary than he is to pay for some welfare recipient’s food.

The difference between the two is that the welfare recipient is no threat to me. The welfare recipient won’t be writing me tickets, shaking me down, stealing my property, promoting himself as a hero in the media, and unionizing for fatter paychecks and pensions. If the checks stopped coming, the welfare recipient would shrug and return to the necessity of working for a living. But the policeman would continue using his skills to make a living from highway robbery, as police in all fallen empires do.

Anyway, anyone who thinks their taxes will be cut just because spending on some program is cut is ‘living in the land of Oz’. They would be underestimating politicians’ creativity in finding ways to waste their money on some other program in lieu of reducing tax rates.

Another reason it is a bad idea to start making food distribution programs contingent on such invasions of privacy is seen in the Nazi takeover of Austria. The welfare program was turned into the food rationing program. If they had put drug testing for welfare in place, then everyone would have had to pee in a cup before being able to acquire rations. This certainly stimulates growth for the Johnny Pee industry, but it makes the rest of us miserable.


Posted 2010 Mar 17 from Ed Lapinskas
It is truly disgusting how America continues to spend tax payer dollars on a losing proposition called “foreign aid.” You will be hard pressed to find the current tab on this insane spending on the internet. We continue to send money to governments of countries both large and small. All enemy of the United States. They all have their agents here gathering information with express purpose to undermine the United States. Their HQ ? The UN. We could aim this nation toward liquidity in short order if we stopped all foreign aid, removed the UN from our soil ( while resigning from it ), and brought home all our troops to defend our borders.

England became a powerless nation by attempting colonialism as did it’s predecessor the Roman Empire. At this rate of throwing away money and expansionism we will not be very far behind.


2010 Mar 16 from Nigel Johnson-Hill

Dear Secretary of State,
My friend, who is in farming at the moment, recently received a cheque for £3,000 from the Rural Payments Agency for not rearing pigs. I would now like to join the “not rearing pigs” business.

In your opinion, what is the best kind of farm not to rear pigs on, and which is the best breed of pigs not to rear? I want to be sure I approach this endeavour in keeping with all government policies, as dictated by the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy.

I would prefer not to rear bacon pigs, but if this is not the type you want not rearing, I will just as gladly not rear porkers. Are there any advantages in not rearing rare breeds such as Saddlebacks or Gloucester Old Spots, or are there too many people already not rearing these?

As I see it, the hardest part of this programme will be keeping an accurate record of how many pigs I haven’t reared. Are there any Government or Local Authority courses on this?

My friend is very satisfied with this business. He has been rearing pigs for forty years or so, and the best he ever made on them was £1,422 in 1968. That is – until this year, when he received a cheque for not rearing any.

If I get £3,000 for not rearing 50 pigs, will I get £6,000 for not rearing 100? I plan to operate on a small scale at first, holding myself down to about 4,000 pigs not raised, which will mean about £240,000 for the first year. As I become more expert in not rearing pigs, I plan to be more ambitious, perhaps increasing to, say, 40,000 pigs not reared in my second year, for which I should expect about £2.4 million from your department. Incidentally, I wonder if I would be eligible to receive tradeable carbon credits for all these pigs not producing harmful and polluting methane gases?

Another point: These pigs that I plan not to rear will not eat 2,000 tonnes of cereals. I understand that you also pay farmers for not growing crops. Will I qualify for payments for not growing cereals to not feed the pigs I don’t rear?

I am also considering the “not milking cows” business, so please send any information you have on that too. Please could you also include the current DEFRA advice on set aside fields? Can this be done on an e-commerce basis with virtual fields (of which I seem to have several thousand hectares)?

In view of the above you will realise that I will be totally unemployed, and will therefore qualify for unemployment benefits. I shall of course be voting for your party at the next general election.


2010 Mar 15 from Clark Thurlo
The crowd sits in a huge arena and takes in the action. The pro wrestling show is polished and well-rehearsed, and the fans are led to an inexorable feeling of adoration for some of the competitors, and deep hatred for others. The evening’s feature match is a fan favorite, pitting the Democratic Party’s Boston Bruiser against the Republican Party’s Memphis Mauler. Part of the crowd cheers when the Bruiser delivers a thundering body slam, and another faction screams deliriously when the Mauler mounts an amazing comeback. The advantage swings back and forth throughout the match like a pendulum, and the unruly throng of wrestling fans are wide-eyed, almost hypnotized by the action.

And then it happens. A flying kick, aimed at the Bruiser’s face, clearly misses by two feet. It’s undeniable, and the entire crowd has seen it. Still, the Mauler falls to the mat, seemingly knocked senseless. The crowd is now eerily quiet, uncertain of what has just happened. Undaunted, the competitors continue their match in the ring, and finally the referee counts to three and raises the hand of the victor. Members of the audience have now recovered from their moment of uncertainty, and are once again rabidly cheering their hero / booing the evil villain. In viewers’ minds, the glaring error has been chalked up to a bad angle or moment of confusion. All is again well at the arena.

A man and his son have been watching the show in their living room at home. Repeatedly replaying the bogus, incriminating kick on the DVR, the man says, “See what I mean about professional wrestling, son?” After a short pause, the young boy slowly begins to nod his head. “Hmph. All my friends at grade school think this is real.”


2010 Mar 15 from Lee Bracker

This is a very important low-down on what is brewing behind the vaccination scene and may surface next as a general populace protocol. Do not take this lightly PLEASE!!!

I Just linked two dots that could spell disaster for the globe during the next phase of vaccination. It would be an adjuvant or addition, the CATALYST POTENTIATOR, for those who accepted the first round, or multiples and other various vaccines of live H1N1 shots in 2009.  These are laboratory grown genetically engineered strains of Hepatitis C targeted to North Americans as well as worldwide.

They used the same propaganda and tactics during the resurrection of the the 1918 swine flu virus “to study and develop treatments” as claimed in the article “Engineering a new way to study Hepatitis C“. Their intention is vastly different than what mainstream presents (spins). We saw what Baxter Chemical did last year claiming accidental inclusion of the live Avian flu strain with the regular flu shots that almost made it undetected to 18, or more, countries outside the States.

The intention is too wipe out our immune efficacy. An attack on the liver spells double trouble because, from what I have learned as one theory, that what ends the life of those infected with the swine flu is the condition of dysentery, i.e. mutated strain of C. difficile. A person becomes so dehydrated as a result of diarrhea resulting in death.

I “reversed engineered” (a practice that is getting better and easier as events unfold) the important connection where it reads, “…engineering a new way to study hepatitis C…”  Towards the end of the article where they document the discovery of a rare, actually the only, robust hepatitis C culture from a Japanese patient.  This particular virus survives the experimentation process which has finally facilitated their ability to genetically modify Hep C for “study and research.”

This scenario has similarities to the a not so well known cancer industry story that centers around extremely rare cancer cells taken from one person, Henrietta Lacks, in 1952.  These cells were essentially stolen from the deceased woman in order to build a cancer industry stronger than had been to that point.  Billions of revenue dollars were generated for research and development.  Her cells were sold on the market to research and development entities for the purpose to create more problems that would, of course, require “their” treatments.

Side note:  Laetrile was introduced in the same year, 1952, which also marks the accelerated activity of federal suppression of natural cancer treatments.  The Lack family never received a single cent. Here’s the clincher, “they” want to create regional strains of hepatitis C based on race for use on North American inhabitants. This dovetails into the eugenics agenda/mass genocide ongoing depopulation program.

This is appropriate preparation for all of us before the next round of vaccination formulations — the Hep C may be hidden in other ingredients, if forced or under coercion (potential Martial Law), and else ways.  I trust my research and and I sense that this article, propagandized and seemingly benign as it is, has far reaching implications. This is a very big one. No joke.  Email to everyone you know as well as Blog it.  Make this viral on the net.

The article: Engineering a new way to study hepatitis C http://web.mit.edu/press/2010/hepatitis-c.html